Cadwell continues to set new standards of excellence for Clinical EEG, LTM and ICU.

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Arc portable EEG machines for ICU, EMU, ER and private practice

Arc EEG introduces a powerful new software interface and robust, intuitive hardware. The Arc family of electroencephalography products provides a comprehensives solution for patient-centered EEG care. It delivers simplicity, durability, flexibility and reliability. If you upgrade from Easy III to Arc, you can even convert patient files to read them in the Arc software. With a streamlined workflow, you can deliver clinical excellence, capture critical information, strengthen documentation and monitor remotely.


Easy III has developed over the years to include a broad range of powerful features and configuration options. This third-generation system offers amplifier configurations for routine and mobile EEG, long-term monitoring, and epilepsy monitoring.

Easy III EEG for ICU, EMU, routine monitoring