Cadwell EMG Needle Electrodes

Cadwell EMG Needle Electrodes give you sharp tips and smooth coatings for easy insertion and optimal precision with clear, reliable signals. Use with Sierra Summit for EMG, stimulation, and injections with EMG or electrical stimulation with or without ultrasound guidance. Visit to browse the needle and surface electrodes that you need for your neurodiagnostic patient care.
needle electrodes, Disposable Concentric EMG

Cadwell Disposable Concentric EMG Needle Electrodes

These concentric needle electrodes have a machine sharpened tip and matching material properties of canula and core for optimal EMG signal quality and excellent noise reduction. They have a recording area indicator mark. The needle electrodes are pre-sterilized by ETO gas, are lead-free and latex-free, and RoHS compliant. They connect easily to a flexible, reusable 4 ft/1.25 m cable with a 5-pole DIN connector. 25 needles per box, and the cable is sold separately.

Cadwell Disposable Monopolar EMG Needle Electrodes with Trocar Tips

Cadwell Disposable Monopolar EMG Needle Electrodes with Trocar Tips

Approved for stimulation, these monopolar needle electrodes have a machine-sharpened Trocar tip and ultra-thin PTFE coating to ensure low friction at the insertion point and ease of use. These electrodes are pre-attached to a 30 in /0.77 m wire with a safety DIN 42 802 connector. Completely disposable. Lead-free, latex-free electrode and RoHS compliant. 25 needles per box.

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Cadwell Disposable Concentric Hypodermic EMG Needle Electrodes

Stimulate and record with these disposable concentric hypodermic needle electrodes. This was designed for simultaneous Botox (or other medicine) injection and EMG recording or electrical stimulation. The medical-grade steel tip is sharpened to a facet bevel, and it can withstand multiple insertions on a single patient without degradation. This comes pre-attached to a 29 in /0.75 m wire with DIN 42802 connector. Fits slip-tip and Luer lock syringe connections. Leak-free and minimum residual volume of medication. Latex-free. RoHS compliant. 10 needles per box.