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Electrodiagnostic Clinical Solutions

Electrodiagnostic (EDX) medicine encompasses a variety of neuromuscular diagnostic tests used to detect diseases or injuries affecting central and peripheral nervous systems. EDX tests can help localize, identify, and determine the severity of an issue, track disease progression, compare pre- and post-surgical effects, and reveal additional abnormalities.

Sierra Summit electrodiagnostic testing

Sierra Summit® is a flexible and full-featured electrodiagnostic system designed for reliable and efficient EDX testing. Sierra® 4 software is designed to improve examination efficiency and accuracy, minimize patient discomfort, and expand clinical capabilities with a simple interface.

Sierra software offers industry-leading trace resolution, advanced artifact reduction, real-time comparisons, and an optimized user experience with personalized workflows, test setups, and display options.

Common disorders assessed by EDX

EDX medicine is a subspecialty of clinical neurophysiology, neurology, physiatry, urology, and neuroscientific research. EDX testing is often indicated for low back or neck pain, or numbness, pain or weakness in the arms or legs. Muscle and nerve disorders, dysfunctions, and diseases that can be assessed by electrodiagnostic testing include:

  • Pinched nerves
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Neuropathies
  • ALS
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy
Sierra Summit with Sierra NMUS1 and amplifiers

Sierra Summit hardware and Sierra 4 software enable these clinical solutions:

Integrate EMG, NCS, EP, and NMUS with the Sierra Summit

Sierra Summit® is a flexible and full-featured electrodiagnostic and imaging system designed for electromyographers who prioritize reliability and efficiency.

Watch the video to see how Sierra Summit, Sierra NMUS1®, and Sierra® 4 software combine features to help improve your electrodiagnostic workflow and expand your clinical capabilities.

Electrodiagnostic Solutions Guide


Electrodiagnostic Solutions Guide

Cadwell’s Electrodiagnostic Solutions Guide is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of Cadwell’s hardware, software, electrodes, accessories, and supplies to support EDX testing.

Cart-based and mobile electrodiagnostic testing

Cadwell has developed a variety of configurations to meet the needs of electromyographers in every testing environment.

Sierra Summit with Travel Case

Mobile Systems

As an alternate solution, you can enable transport of the Sierra Summit for mobile practices with a wheeled travel case featuring a retractable handle.

EMG Cart configured for EMG/NCS and Ultrasound

EDX with Ultrasound

The unique features and options of the EMG Cart help ensure an optimal solution for integrated ultrasound in an EDX workflow.

Fuzion Cart SL configured for EMG/NCS


The Fuzion Cart is a lightweight, height-adjustable cart solution for hospitals, clinics, and private practices.

CadLink logo

Clinical solutions for information management in electrodiagnostic medicine

CadLink Information Management enables secure and efficient access to clinical information across multiple computers. With CadLink, you can access EMG information when and where you need it. CadLink helps deliver efficient workflow, quality data, and easy reporting. It stores patient records and reports, manages user access, and can support HL7 interfacing and automatic archiving.

Our EDX History

We’ve revolutionized electrodiagnostic medicine. More than once.

Cadwell Industries, Inc. began in 1979 with the invention of the world’s first microprocessor-controlled EMG, the Cadwell 7000. Since then, Cadwell has developed and supported the 7000, the 7200, the 5200, the 7400, the 5200A, the CTS5000, the Quantum 84, the MES10, the Excel, the 6200A, the Excel Plus, and the Sierra line.

Cadwell responded to the need for smaller, portable units when an Alaskan physician requested an EMG system that could fit beneath the seat in his small airplane. In July 1994, Cadwell sent a modified Quantum 84 into space on the Space Shuttle Columbia as part of the Second International Microgravity Laboratory. It was the only piece of medical equipment on the mission that worked, and scientists all over the world studied data collected on the Cadwell machine.

The Sierra line was introduced in 1993 and includes the original Sierra, the SierraLT, the Sierra II Wedge, the Sierra Wave, and now the Sierra Summit. The Sierra Summit, released in 2013, is one of our most dynamic neurophysiology diagnostic systems, with capabilities and features evolving in response to new technology and to accommodate new clinical practice.

In 2018, Cadwell became the first and remains the only, company to offer a fully integrated ultrasound solution for concurrent electrodiagnostic procedures. Today, Cadwell is working in tandem with some of the world’s leading physicians and teaching hospitals and leading the charge in neurodiagnostic technology capabilities in EMG, nerve conduction, evoked potentials, ultrasound, and chemodenervation.

Cadwell is still family owned and wholly focused on neurophysiology. We stay true to our mission of helping you help others, by continuing to provide excellent diagnostic and monitoring systems, market-leading support, and secure data management.

Explore Cadwell EDX products

The Sierra® family of products are the ideal solution for Chemodenervation, EMG, EPs, NCS, Ultrasound, and Electrodiagnostics in Urology.

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