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Veterinary Medicine

Electrodiagnostics and Neuromonitoring Solutions

Cadwell is working in tandem with some of the world’s leading physicians, veterinarians and teaching hospitals. We’re leading the charge in neurodiagnostic technology capabilities in EMG, nerve conduction, evoked potentials, ultrasound, and chemodenervation; IONM; and EEG. Quality, scalability, and our best-in-class customer support make Cadwell equipment the right choice for large and small animal patients.

Veterinary Electrodiagnostics

Common electrodiagnostic modalities

Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response – BAER tests are non-invasive hearing tests used to diagnose congenital or acquired deafness, and may be a requirement for some breeders. Pure-bred feline patients carrying the white (W) pigmented gene are at a higher risk of congenital deafness. See a list of canine breeds with reported congenital deafness.

  • Compound Muscle Action Potential – CMAP
  • Single Motor Unit Action Potential – SMUP
  • Motor Unit Number Estimation – MUNE
  • Nerve Conduction Study – NCS
  • Repetitive Nerve Stimulation – RNS

Sports medicine and rehabilitation in veterinary medicine

  • To compare results before and after neurologic or orthopedic surgery
  • Electrical stimulation for diagnosing the possible causes of acute and chronic pain
    Sierra Summit with Travel Case

    Sierra Summit for EMG, NCS, EP and Ultrasound

    The Sierra Summit® is one of our most dynamic neurophysiological neurodiagnostic systems. It is capable of EMG, NCS, VEP, AEP, MEP, SSEP, NMUS, and many other neurodiagnostic examinations.

    Sierra NMUS1 Ultrasound

    The Sierra NMUS1™ is an advanced ultrasound imaging tool designed specifically for neuromuscular diagnostics, musculoskeletal examinations, and augmented needle guidance.

    Diagnostic ultrasound imaging

    Ultrasonography shows structure and vascularity of internal organs and soft tissues, allows targeted needle guidance, and can be used to identify focal and systemic diseases.

    • Detect and diagnose cancer, abdominal or soft tissue disorders, anomalies, and vascular abnormalities
    • Determine the extent of disease spread
    • Evaluate urology and nephrology
    • Determine causes for abdominal pain, intestinal disorders, and masses
    • Visualize the tendons and ligaments of equine patients
    • Help determine if a mass can be safely surgically removed

    Veterinary Surgical Monitoring

    • EEG monitoring to determine stable levels of general anesthesia on animals of all sizes
    • Intervertebral disk disease
    • General surgery
    • Brachycephalic airway disease
    • Laryngeal paralysis
    • Collapsing trachea
    • Cleft palate
    • Salivary mucocele
    • Other small animal surgeries
    image of Cadwell Cascade product family

    Cascade IONM Solutions

    Cadwell gives you the choice between pod and module-based IONM systems.

    The pod-based Cascade PRO IONM system is the device of choice for many service providers, while Cascade IOMAX is a rugged, module-based IONM system. 

    Veterinary EEG Monitoring

    Electroencephalography (EEG) is a neurological exam used in conjunction with clinical examination to determine the cause of seizure activity and monitor the effectiveness of anti-seizure medications. Arc Apollo+, Cadwell’s ambulatory EEG solution, provides the opportunity to capture EEG measurements from active, moving patients in real time.

    Apollo+ Amplifier, Recorder, and harness

    Arc Apollo+ for Ambulatory EEG

    Enable remote monitoring with Cadwell’s wearable 32- or 64-channel Arc Apollo+® solution.