Integrate EnsoData’s artificial intelligence scoring and analysis solution into Cadwell PSG and HSAT to change the way you work

Easy III PSG integrates EnsoSleep AI scoring into sleep software workflow

Cadwell is the first sleep diagnostics provider to modify its software to improve integration with the EnsoData artificial intelligence scoring platform, EnsoSleep.

EnsoSleep delivers AI scoring and analysis on Easy III PSG and ApneaTrak HSAT data in a matter of minutes, with >90% agreement.

EnsoSleep empowers sleep clinicians with time savings and scoring consistency, so you can spend more time helping with patient education and compliance, and more time building relationships with referring physicians.

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Here’s the integrated Easy III PSG + EnsoSleep process


Run your study

With all the extra time you’ll save scoring, spend more quality time with your patient to help ensure her comfort, understanding, and adherence.

Your study uploads

Your study automatically uploads to EnsoSleep, or you can choose to set your record status to “Ready for EnsoData.”

AASM scoring applied

EnsoSleep AI follows AASM scoring guidelines and applies your preferences to automate event detection analysis.


Review and edit

In Easy III, the record status will change to “EnsoData Scored” and is ready for your review.

Deliver faster results

Communicate results back to the referring physician and get your patient treated sooner to improve her overall care journey.

Easy III PSG with EnsoData

“EnsoData Scored” is integrated into Easy III record status in the Review Data dashboard.

EnsoSleep shows the status of each study

The EnsoSleep platform gives live status updates on your studies.

What are the benefits of integrating EnsoSleep into your Cadwell sleep program?


Achieve greater scoring consistency across results


Get patients results and treatment faster

Spend more time on patent education to help improve compliance

Expand your HSAT program and referring physician outreach

Increase patient capacity and revenue


Testimonial from Radhika S. Breaden, M.D.

“I just saw the integration that Cadwell is planning with EnsoData – all I can say is WOW!!! I know you described having the “Enso scored” as a status when we talked, but seeing the demo, so soon and looking so streamlined, was amazing!

We are really pleased with the scoring (and as I may have mentioned, Dr. K and I are extremely picky), and efficiency and it is allowing us to internalize 100% of our scoring and get our studies done more quickly.”

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