Arc Essentia EEG

Arc EEG is designed for quality performance in clinical practice and cerebral monitoring in the ICU, EMU and outpatient clinics.

The unique hardware design of Arc Essentia® ensures high quality EEG signals, even in noisy environments. Its rugged and water-resistant design will withstand the use and abuse of real-life clinical practice.

Arc Essentia offers two models of 32-channel EEG amplifiers with seven active and reference pairs:

The E1 for Routine EEG offers 250 and 500 Hz storage rates, streaming data, copy record with viewer and a robust CadReports tool. Patient setup is simple, and the intuitive software requires minimal training.

The E3 for ICU with Continuous Impedance Checking and a USB SpO2 monitor.

Product availability may vary in different countries. Please contact Cadwell for additional information.

Arc EEG Synopsis Trending and Seizure Detection

Arc Synopsis Trends and Seizure Detection

AEEG • Alpha Delta Ratios • Amplitude Asymmetry • Band Power • Envelope Trend • Spectogram • Spectral Entropy Trend

Synopsis helps you recognize critical points in the EEG including seizures, cerebral function background patterns, sleep/wake cycling and burst rate that help assess cerebral function, predict outcomes, and make informed treatment decisions.

Arc EEG Synopsis Seizure Detection and Trends

Trends Package

  • Use Seizure View to see seizure-marked EEG data by quickly truncating the file, or filter out seizure-marked data and view all unmarked EEG data.
  • Add a Trends Window and customize analysis without any impact on automated event detection.

Seizure Detection Package

  • Includes Trends Package.
  • Detection Window lets you set thresholds for seizure and event activity, and then automatically detects the events and marks the data.

Optimize your clinical workflow and functionality with smarter tools in Arc EEG

Start a new study instantly

Start a study with just one click from the start menu. Enter patient information later to save critical time now.

Monitor your way, anywhere

Access custom user settings, study types and patient data on any Arc station, so you can monitor patients anywhere.

Remote Monitoring

Technologists can monitor the study and control the software remotely. Video controls allow pan, tile and zoom of the camera from within the application.

Capture critical information with Q-Video

  • Detect subtle movements with Zooming window
  • Integrated camera pan, tilt and zoom controls
  • Superimpose traces over a transparent video
  • Video highlighting
  • Display video in a separate window or monitor
  • Add videos screen captures and trace images to reports


Study types • Montages • Views  • Windows  •   Displays •  Hot keys  •  Event buttons •  Report templates

Review in record time

  • Monitor live and review simultaneously
  • Monitor on one or multiple monitors
  • View up to 100 pages at once
  • Click to zoom to one page to inspect events
  • Automatically shade reviewed pages
  • Highlight leaves entire record intact
  • Highlight and jump between marked areas
  • Review and export just highlighted data


  • Anonymize studies
  • Switch users without interrupting a study
  • Create custom fields for patient information
  • Export and share data with Viewer
  • Support specialized Laplacian montages
  • Import Cadwell Easy III EEG records for review
  • Customize report templates and create narratives quickly in CadReport
  • Align EEG traces, calibrate the screen and superimpose traces for comparison
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