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Electrodiagnostic Products for EMG, NCS, EP, and US

Forward-Thinking Electrodiagnostic Hardware

Sierra Summit is a dynamic neurodiagnostic system capable of EMG, NCS, VEP, AEP, MEP, SSEP, NMUS, and many other neurodiagnostic examinations

Sierra Summit® offers some of our most advanced amplifiers, handheld electrical stimulators and remote controls, peripheral trigger devices, and accessories. Protocol-specific functions in the Sierra® software are integrated into the Sierra Summit Base Unit controls for ease of use.

Sierra Summit with Sierra NMUS1 and amplifiers
Sierra Summit
Sierra NMUS1 Ultrasound
Sierra NMUS1

Cutting-Edge Neuromuscular Ultrasound

Cadwell is proud to introduce our next-generation integrated ultrasound, Sierra NMUS1

Featuring a streamlined workflow and high resolution imaging, Sierra NMUS1™ enables point-of-care neuromuscular imaging during EMG and NCS exams, injections and needle stimulations, and biopsies.

Sierra Software
Sierra Software for Electrodiagnostics
Sierra – Innovative Electrodiagnostic Software

Sierra software uniquely integrates electrodiagnostic and ultrasound protocols to set new standards for study accuracy and efficiency.

Electrodiagnostic Carts

Our carts are purpose-built for electrodiagnostics and offer you a flexible solution to optimize your workspace. A variety of cart configurations and additional accessories are available to customize your cart to meet the needs of your practice.

EMG and Fuzion Carts

Shop our e-Store for a complete line of electrodiagnostic electrodes, accessories, and consumables

Cadwell offers a complete line of electrodiagnostic electrodes, lead wires, stimulators, accessories and supplies at In response to clinical need, we’ve added new fully disposable electrodes to the lineup for EMG, nerve conduction, and clinical evoked potentials to improve your workflow, save time, and reduce HCAI.

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International Customers: Some products may not be available in all countries and markets; check availability with your Cadwell distributor.

Electrodiagnostic Solutions Guide


Electrodiagnostic Solutions Guide

Cadwell’s Electrodiagnostic Solutions Guide gives you a comprehensive overview of the hardware, software, carts, supplies, accessories, and electrodes offered to support the Sierra Summit EMG/NCS/EP/NMUS system.

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The Sierra® family of products are the ideal solution for Chemodenervation, EMG, EPs, NCS, Ultrasound, and Electrodiagnostics in Urology.

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Product availability may vary between different countries and markets.
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