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Cadwell electrodes, consumables, supplies, and accessories for neurology

Cadwell offers a full suite of electrodiagnostic supplies for electroencephalography, electromyography, nerve conduction studies, evoked potential, neuromuscular ultrasound, intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring and sleep diagnostics.

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The Cadwell eStore is available to USA-based customers only. Non-USA customers may contact their Cadwell Distributor for electrodes, supplies and accessories. 

Cadwell disposable and gold cup EEG electrodes

EEG Electrodes and Accessories

Cadwell offers a full suite of EEG electrodes to complement Arc EEG and Easy III PSG/EEG as well as a wide offering of the supplies and accessories you need.

…and much more.

Disposable EEG Electrodes – What you need to know

Questions about disposable electrodes for EEG? Learn about HCAI avoidance and other advantages of using disposables over standard multi-use electrodes.

EMG and NCV Electrodes and Accessories

In response to a clinical need, we’ve added new fully disposable electrodes to the lineup for EMG, nerve conduction, and clinical evoked potentials. The new fully disposable NCV kit and new ring electrodes are uniquely designed to reduce artifact with parallel lead wires, improve your workflow, save time, and reduce HCAI.

Cadwell EMG Needle Electrodes give you sharp tips and smooth coatings for easy insertion and optimal precision with clear, reliable signals.

Neuromuscular ultrasound (NMUS) supplies include:

EMG Electrodes, Supplies and Accessories

PSG + HSAT Electrodes and Accessories

From in-lab PSG to home sleep apnea tests, we have you (and your patients) covered with reusable and disposable electrodes, sensors and belts. We even created patient training videos for ApneaTrak HSAT, so you can send your patients home with a kit and the resources they need to set up their sensors.

Did you know Cadwell acquired Sleepmate?

Sleepmate™ products have been providing high quality and reliable sleep diagnostic sensor solutions for more than 30 years. Cadwell is now honored to include the Sleepmate portfolio as an integral part of our comprehensive sleep diagnostic solutions for both in-lab and at-home testing.

PSG & HSAT Sleepmate Diagnostic Supplies

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We’re proud to call our customers and the patients they serve our stakeholders. Our team is dedicated to combining customer insight, decades of employee expertise, and cutting-edge innovation to create, produce, and support our products. 

Let us know what feature improvement or addition you think would help you better serve your patients. We may contact you for additional information.

Cadwell Supplies and Accessories Product Catalog

Cadwell’s Supplies and Accessories Catalog

Find all the stuff you need in one convenient place. Download the catalog and start shopping today!

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Instructions For Use (IFU) – Downloads

Visit the Cadwell E-store to download documentation for Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Electrode Instructions for Use (IFU) and General Electrode Care Instructions