free CadX surgical simulator
surgery simulator, IONM simulator, neurophysiological intraoperative monitoring

The CadX simulator is software-based and does not require hardware to be connected. The IONM principles are universal, and apply to users of any hardware type, even different manufacturers. Sample procedure setups are provided, or you may run your own facility’s procedure setups as well.

CadX is a software solution designed to solve a common problem in IONM: training.

CadX lets you manipulate the patient control panel to create real-world scenarios for demonstration or assessment purposes, including:

  • Anesthesia effects
  • Technical setup errors
  • Physiological and non-physiological trace characteristics
  • Pedicle screw stimulations

Finally, there’s a comprehensive tool to train or teach using the same procedure setups and software functions that are used in the OR.

CadX is patent pending