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Simulate realistic IONM data to demonstrate anesthesia, technical effects and surgical effects with CadX Surgical Simulator

CadX lets you manipulate the patient control panel to create real-world scenarios for demonstration or assessment purposes.

Simulate realistic data demonstrating anesthesia, technical setup, trace characteristics, surgical effects, pedicle screw, and scripts.

Finally, there’s a comprehensive tool to train or teach using the same procedure setups and software functions that are used in the operating room.

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Manipulate the CadX patient control panel to replicate real-world surgical scenarios for demonstration and assessment purposes

IONM Software

Cascade Surgical Studio software offers an intuitive and thoughtful user interface that allows you to streamline your workflow, deliver clinical excellence, capture critical information, monitor all modalities, strengthen documentation, and stay connected.

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Product availability may vary between different countries and markets. Please contact Cadwell for additional information.