Virtual Patent Marking

The following Cadwell Industries, Inc. products are protected by patents in the United States and elsewhere. This web page is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including the virtual patent marking provisions of Section 16 of the America Invents Act. The following list of products may not be all inclusive, and other products not listed here may be protected by one or more patents in the United States and elsewhere. Additional patents may be pending in the United States or elsewhere.


Cadwell products may contain one or more of the following patents


Arc EEG Products

EEG & Video Synchronization in Arc Software 10,433,793 
Zenect ID’d connector 10,238,467 

Cascade IONM Products

Multistage Clip 7,914,350 
Quick Adapts mass connection plates  10,418,750 
Rail Mount Hanger 10,292,883 
Quick Adapts mass connection plates 9,935,395 
Smartprobe Connector D670,656 
Locking D Connector 7,374,448
Sensory Nerves Map 10,098,585
Minimum Stimulation Threshold Determination 10,039,461 
3D Nerve Mapping 9,730,634 
Minimum Stimulation Threshold Determination 9,295,401
3D Nerve Mapping 9,155,503
Pulse Oximeter 7,230,688

Easy EEG and Sleep Diagnostics Products

Video Compression in Synchronous Video 7,072,521 
PSG Processing with Neural Networks 6,805,668 

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