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Long Term Monitoring (LTM)

Long Term Monitoring helps you capture important EEG information.

Continuous EEG helps tracks changes and can affect patient outcomes

Long Term Monitoring (LTM) or continuous EEG (cEEG) monitoring is cortical monitoring for an extended period of time. Together with simultaneous video EEG, LTM offers continuous inpatient or at-home recording. LTM may be used to associate or disassociate clinical behaviors with changes to EEG data, to diagnose and manage seizures, and to evaluate sleep disorders, cerebrovascular diseases, psychiatric conditions, and movement disorders (1).

Essentia EEG with Remote Input Headbox

Inpatient LTM

During inpatient LTM, a patient’s medications made be safely reduced to obtain seizure activity, synchronized video helps correlate clinical behaviors, technical issues can be resolved in a timely fashion, and activation procedures can be easily managed.


Who should be monitored? Anyone whose brain is at risk

  • In the EMU, monitor clinical and subclinical seizures and responses to AED titrations
  • In the NICU, monitor HIE, Seizures, IVH, intubations, and surgical recovery
  • In the ICU, monitor comatose patients, medicine titrations, subclinical seizures and cardiac surgery recovery
  • In the ER, monitor cardiac patients and TBI
  • Properly diagnose brain death

Ambulatory LTM

During ambulatory LTM, a patient’s normal environment and routine may influence normal seizure episodes. The cost of ambulatory LTM is lower, and wait times are only limited by equipment, not a hospital bed. In at-home EEG, testing, medications cannot be titrated. Remote monitoring options help technologists fix any technical issues that arise, for example: if a patient loses a reference electrode, the technologist can change the reference on the fly remotely.

Arc Apollo+ EEG monitoring at home

Cadwell LTM EEG solutions

Cadwell offers two solutions for accessible, dependable, real-time continuous LTM EEG with video: Arc Essentia and Arc Apollo+. Both are portable and can be easily moved between patients. Essentia and Apollo+ can both be cart-mounted or hardwired into a room, and both offer 32 channels of quality EEG. Apollo+ has the unique advantage of also being used as an untethered EEG monitor to allow patients to move freely without compromising the recording, and is also available with a 64-channel amplifier. Apollo+ can acquire data for up to 96 hours with no intervention on rechargeable batteries, which can be trickle-charged for longer studies. We considered remote monitoring, durability, and data quality when we considered how Arc EEG could best serve you for LTM.


  1. Tatum, W. O. Long-term EEG monitoring: a clinical approach to electrophysiology. J Clin Neurophysiolog. 2001 Sept.

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