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Sleepmate Sleep Diagnostic Sensors

Sleepmate™ products have been providing high quality and reliable sleep diagnostic sensor solutions for more than 30 years. Cadwell is now honored to include the Sleepmate portfolio as an integral part of our comprehensive sleep diagnostic solutions for both in-lab Easy® III PSG and ApneaTrak™ at-home testing.

Read our press release about Cadwell’s acquisition of Sleepmate from Ambu.

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Improved patient care

Your patients will benefit from the comfort and compact size of our Sleepmate sensors. Many sensors are available in reusable and disposable versions for adults, pediatrics, and infants. 

Easy to use

Sleepmate Sensors are simple to use. The sensors are easy to adjust to the patient during PSG and HSAT studies. 


Reliable recordings

When using comfortable integrated Sleepmate sensors with Easy III and ApneaTrak, patients are less likely to dislodge them during sleep. A comfortable sensor promotes a relaxed patient, improved data collection and a more accurate study.

Sleepmate PSG and HSAT Supplies and Accessories

Respiratory Effort

Sleepmate offers both Respiratory Inductance Plethysmography (RIP) and Piezo-style respiratory effort sensors, in adult and pediatric sizes. Sleepmate belts are easy to use and provide clear, artifact-free signals. RIPmate Belts are designed for high sensitivity and patient comfort during measurement of chest and abdominal expansion associated with respiratory effort during PSG and HSAT studies. Problems of signal loss due to lost belt tension and false paradoxical signals are eliminated. RIPmate Belts are fully encapsulated for clear, artifact-free signals. All belt variants are designed for patient comfort, ease of use, and available in both adult and pediatric sizes.

RIPmate Respiratory Effort Belts

  • RIPmate belts are washable and reusable.
  • Grip-Rite stitching keeps the belt from slipping. Buckles and the fully encapsulated active elements are designed with comfortable rounded corners and flat profiles.
  • RIPmate belts are quick and easy to adjust from 24” to 79” (60 – 200cm) using the two Tri-Loop sliders.

RIPmate Disposable Belts

  • Cut to length this disposable material for a perfect fit for every patient.
  • No adjustment is necessary, because the belt is custom cut to the size of your patient, and the belt prevents loss of signal due to slipping during the study.
  • Save valuable sleep tech time by eliminating the need to wash and clean your belts after every patient.
  • Capture the same high quality RIP signal you know, love, and expect from reusable belts. 

Piezo Effort Belt Systems

image of Sleepmate piezo effort sensor

  • Sleepmate Piezo Effort Sensors and belt systems produce clear and artifact-free signals with no need for an interface or an external power source.
  • The sensors are durable, easy to use, and designed with rounded corners and flat profiles for patient comfort.
  • A fully encapsulated active element, simplifies cleaning and processing.
  • Double Buckle, Double Loop, Velcro Tab and beltless versions are available.

Airflow Sensors

Sleepmate offers both pressure and temperature-based sensors. All designed to meet AASM requirements for identifying apneas and hypopneas during PSG recordings. Our innovative CannuTherm® allows collection of both types without additional bulk the patient has to deal with, or if you prefer traditional thermal sensors, Sleepmate offers both thermistor and thermocouple-style sensors.

Pressure Airflow Sensors

  • Sleepmate Pressure Sensors offer the smallest single channel sensor on the market.
  • Sleepmate offers a variety of simple nasal and nasal/oral cannulas either with or without an inline filter.


  • Sleepmate CannuTherm® integrates a light and comfortable thermal sensor directly into a special Sleepmate cannula for simultaneous recording of pressure and thermal airflow.
  • CannuTherm is capable of detecting apneas and hypopneas based on the AASM’s Scoring Manual without the additional bulk for the patient.
  • The CannuTherm consists of a reusable nasal and oral sensor and a specially designed single-use cannula.

Thermal Airflow Sensors

  • Sleepmate Thermal Airflow Sensors are designed to be compact, easy, comfortable, comfort and easy to adjust to the patient.
  • Thermal airflow sensors are available in thermistor or thermocouple-style sensors for adults and pediatrics to meet your needs and preferences.
  • Disposable thermistors are available to improve the protection of your patients, and improve your compliance with infection control requirements.

Snore Detection

Snore Microphones

photo of Sleepmate snore microphones

  • Sleepmate Snore Microphones are high-quality, durable, and moisture-resistant sensors that produce clean and reliable signals of snoring.
  • Snore sensors are available in lengths suitable for either PSG or HSAT.

Piezo Snore Sensors

image of sleepmate piezo snore sensor

  • Sleepmate Piezo Snore Sensors are high-quality and completely encapsulated for durability so that they produce clean and reliable signals for a long time.

Electrodes & Accessories 

Cup Electrodes


  • Cadwell’s disposable EEG 10mm deep cup electrodes are single use, silver / silver chloride EEG electrodes designed to provide low impedance in routine and long term EEG studies, reduce patient infection, and are conveniently packaged with 10, 15 & 25 multi-colored leads per pack.
  • Cadwell’s gold cup reusable electrodes are durable, effective and reliable. Multicolor lead wires are available in a variety of lengths.

Disposable Patch Electrodes

Cadwell disposable patch electrodes  with snap connectors come in two styles:

  • The one-inch square patch with adhesive solid gel is ideal for PSG studies where leg movement or ECG data is desired.
  • The oblong wet gel patch has an offset snap that fits well around the eyes and chin.


photo of supplies and accessories for sleep studies

To help you save time we offer various products such as skin preps,
EEG pastes, cables, adaptors and connectors , vinyl retractable
tape measures, soft foam wraps and affordable finger sensor tape
to secure the finger pulse ox sensor during the night.

Combine Sleepmate products and accessories with Easy III or ApneaTrak for a total solution for all your PSG & HSAT needs.

Make Easy III PSG and ApneaTrak HSAT studies more comfortable for your patients and more reliable for your data with Cadwell Sleepmate sensors.

  • Whether in-lab or at-home testing, Cadwell’s sleep solutions give you the tools you need to help your lab run efficiently and effectively.
  • Cadwell’s sleep diagnostic accessories, hardware and software are designed to work together smoothly and seamlessly so you can concentrate on your patients’ care.
  • Offering the industry’s best customer service and support, you can trust Cadwell to deliver the technical guidance and training your team needs.
Cadwell Sleep solutions ApneaTrak and Easy III

How to buy Cadwell Sleepmate sensors

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Sleep Diagnostic Solutions Guide

Cadwell’s Sleep Diagnostic Solutions Guide gives you a comprehensive overview of the hardware, software, carts, supplies, accessories, and electrodes offered to support the Easy III PSG and ApneaTrak HSAT systems.

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