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Sierra Summit

Sierra Summit EMG, NCS, EP, and Ultrasound

The Sierra Summit® is one of our most dynamic neurophysiological neurodiagnostic systems. It is capable of EMG, NCS, VEP, AEP, MEP, SSEP, NMUS, and many other neurodiagnostic examinations.

Sierra Summit is designed for the neurophysiologist or electrodiagnostic technician who prioritizes quality, durability, and efficiency.

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Sierra Summit with Sierra NMUS1 and amplifiers

Integrate EMG, NCS, EP, and NMUS with the Sierra Summit

Sierra Summit® is a flexible and full-featured electrodiagnostic and imaging system.

Watch the video to see how Sierra Summit, Sierra NMUS1®, and Sierra® 4 software combine features to help improve your electrodiagnostic workflow and expand your clinical capabilities.

Scalable Electrodiagnostic hardware and software

Sierra Summit is flexible for neurology and physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) applications. Choose the amplifiers, stimulators, accessories, and electrodes that best suit your practice. The protocol licensing of Sierra® software allows you to select only the test protocols you need. A variety of custom carts, computers, and monitors are available, or you can provide your own.

Durable and reliable hardware

Cadwell uses the highest quality components to deliver system reliability, including electrode connectors rated for 100,000+ connections, industrial cables with locking aluminum connectors, and test fixture and electrode testers for instant hardware diagnostics.

Sierra Summit with Travel Case

Desk-based, portable, and cart-mounted options

Sierra Summit is typically configured utilizing a laptop or PC with monitor and stationed in an exam room or integrated with one of Cadwell’s carts for Electrodiagnostics for added mobility. For multi-site usability a Travel Case is available for transporting a laptop system.

The Sierra Summit Base Unit offers a simple user interface for EMG, NCS, EP, and NMUS

The Sierra Summit Base Unit is the hub for auxiliary evoked potentials, electrical stimulators, amplifiers, in and out triggers, the PC connection, and power.

  • Our highest sound quality is achieved with instantaneous signal processing, dual high-quality speakers, and full equalizer controls
  • Machined aluminum dials, raised buttons, and locking aluminum connectors are build to last and rated for 100,000+ uses
  • Integrated stimulators
  • Trigger in/out for peripheral equipment
Sierra Summit Base Unit
Base Unit Connection Ports

Sierra Summit Base Unit Back View

From left:

  • EP – Connect Visual, Audio and Somatosensory Evoked Potential stimulators.
  • ESTIM-1 and ESTIM-2 – Connect one or two electrical stimulators.
  • AMP – Connect the 1-2 or 3-12 channel amplifier.
  • Trigger In/Out – Connect accessory triggers.
  • USB-C Ports – Connect footswitch and other peripheral devices.
  • TO PC – Connect communication cable to the computer.
  • Grounding Post – Connect grounding cable to cart.
  • Power – Connect to power supply, and use power switch to control base unit on/off.

Simplify your workflow with base unit controls

The buttons and dials of the Base Unit are integrated into the Sierra® software platform adapting to different testing environments as they are utilized.

Our most advanced amplifiers offer 1-12 channels of sophisticated filtering and noise reduction

Scale from 1-12 channels and easily add or re-montage channels during acquisition. 

  • Choice of 1-2 or 3-12 channel amplifiers with custom channel count options
  • Montage switching
  • RF immunity
  • Very low noise
  • Power switches
  • Calibration signals
  • Excellent signal quality
  • Temperature measurement
  • Electrode cable continuity checking
  • Fast artifact recovery
  • Internal analog-to-digital conversion
Sierra Summit Amplifiers

1-2 Channel Amplifier left, 3-12 Channel Amplifier right

3-12 Channel Remote Input Box

Sierra Summit Remote Input Box

  • Protect your 3-12-channel amplifier and extend your lead reach for tight spaces, electrode stability, and better patient access and mobility with the 3-12 channel Remote Input Box
  • Ideal for NCS, AEP, VEP and SSEP studies

StimTroller Plus handheld stimulator

The StimTroller Plus™ electrical stimulator provides a handheld recording and stimulating tool, so you can run complete tests from the palm of your hand.

Control intensity, pulse width, distance, nerve selection, site selection, trace  selection, and more with the StimTroller Plus. Adjust the angle and distance between probes or remove them to attach electrodes, needles or other stimulators.

Use as a remote control for EMG: run and stop EMG acquisition, adjust gain and sweep control, store snapshots and buffers, review and playback buffer, select muscles, increase volume, and more

Engineered with reinforced housing and stainless steel mechanics, the StimTroller Plus will help you deliver efficient electrodiagnostic testing experiences.

Electrodiagnostic Carts

Our carts are purpose built for electrodiagnostics and offer you a flexible solution to optimize your workspace. A variety of cart configurations and additional accessories are available to customize your cart to meet the needs of your practice.

EMG and Fuzion Carts
Electrodiagnostic Solutions Guide


Electrodiagnostic Solutions Guide

Cadwell’s Electrodiagnostic Solutions Guide gives you a comprehensive overview of the hardware, software, carts, supplies, accessories, and electrodes offered to support the Sierra Summit  EMG/NCS/EP/NMUS system.

Introducing Sierra NMUS1 ultrasound

Cadwell is the first and only company to offer a fully integrated neuromuscular ultrasound solution in our electrodiagnostic platform – Sierra NMUS1™, an imaging system designed specifically for a integrated neuromuscular workflow.

Sierra NMUS1 Ultrasound
Sierra Software
Sierra Software for Electrodiagnostics
Sierra – Innovative Electrodiagnostic Software

Sierra software uniquely integrates electrodiagnostic and ultrasound protocols to set new standards for study accuracy and efficiency.

Improve your workflow with CadLink Data Management software

  • CadLink® offers secure and efficient access to clinical information when and where you need it
  • An enterprise-level patient and database management system for EEG, EMG, and IONM. It has full patient bi-directional HL7 integration with the Enterprise EMR

Explore Cadwell EDX products

The Sierra® family of products are the ideal solution for Chemodenervation, EMG, EPs, NCS, Ultrasound, and Electrodiagnostics in Urology.

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