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Expand your diagnostic reach to hospital beds and patients’ homes and run a complete Type 2 sleep study anywhere with Easy Ambulatory 2

The Easy® Ambulatory 2 solution utilizes Easy III PSG, the same software as our clinical PSG and HSAT systems with flexible workspace configurations, montages and customizable reports to capture Type 2 unattended sleep studies. Download ambulatory data for review on an Easy III workstation via an Ethernet cable.

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Expand your diagnostic reach to hospital beds and patients’ homes Run a complete Type 2 sleep study anywhere
Easy II Ambulatory recorder and amplifier

The Easy Ambulatory 2 hardware

Easy Ambulatory 2 is composed of a recorder, battery pack, the 32-channel color-coded amplifier, respiratory belts, accessories and EasyNet® modules for nasal pressure and snoring, oximetry, body position and limb movement. The compact 32-channel amplifier is color-coded and comes with a wearable pouch. 

It is small enough to be portable and provide patient comfort, and powerful enough to collect accurate, reliable PSG data. Easy Ambulatory 2 can also be configured for EEG.

Integrated sleep software

Download data to an Easy III system via Ethernet cable, then access all stored patient data from anywhere via Citrix.

Initialize, record, score and review both HSAT, ambulatory PSG, and PSG, performing all of your sleep diagnostics using one efficient software platform and workflow.

Easy III remote monitoring
Sleep Solution Guide Cover

Sleep Diagnostic Solutions Guide

Cadwell’s Sleep Diagnostic Solutions Guide gives you a comprehensive overview of the hardware, software, carts, supplies, accessories, and electrodes offered to support the Easy III PSG and ApneaTrak HSAT systems.

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