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CadLink Clinical Information Management

Secure and efficient access to clinical information when and where you need it

CadLink® is a secure, patient and database management system for EEG, EMG, and IONM for a range of providers from single station to enterprise level solutions. It offers full patient bi-directional HL7 integration with the Enterprise EMR.

CadLink organizes, manages, and secures your patient files and customized user settings. It is designed for easy setup and operation in either the private practice or large neurodiagnostic laboratory setting. CadLink supports multiple users; each with their own test settings and report templates. An optional Auto-Archiving feature allows data to move to archive locations once the data meets user-configured parameters.

CadLink helps deliver efficient workflow, quality data, and easy reporting by connecting Cadwell’s Cascade® Surgical Studio IONM, Arc® EEG, and Sierra® EMG/NCS/EP/NMUS software applications.

CadLink Clinical Information Management system architecture diagram

An enterprise solution that connects doctors, technicians, and patients in real-time


Remote EEG technicians can view live or review multiple patients at once. CadLink software lets you manage multiple patients efficiently and effectively, and to archive and share data.

Surgeons utilizing Cascade Surgical Studio software


Physicians can review live IONM data from the technician’s screen or a second monitor and discuss the case via CadChat. CadLink software lets you access critical information in different places, for different reasons.


A technician can perform a nerve conduction study (NCS), and then the physician can switch users on the patient study to perform the EMG or NMUS clinical exam. CadLink software optimizes your time and workflow.

Secure and manage your network

  • Ensure fail-safe data streaming. Safeguard against network connection failures by temporarily saving data locally and automatically streaming trace and video data from recording stations to the centralized storage on the CadLink Server. Once the connection is restored, data will begin transferring at the point of disconnection.
  • Centrally manage setup and updates. Manage CadLink Clients and settings from the CadLink Server. Update Clients independently of Cadwell applications.
  • Secure all data and communication. Encrypt the transfer and storage of patient data (PHI). Point-to-point communication ensures safe and efficient transfer to the CadLink Server.
  • Allows different network configurations. Ensures that the CadLink system is secure, easy to use, cost-effective, scalable, and the server performs optimally, delivering the desired level of speed, reliability, and accessibility.
Doctor and Technician reviewing in remote review via CadLink

CadLink works the way you do

  • Enable remote live review. Review multiple studies simultaneously from any CadLink Client via a local network, internet, VPN, or Citrix. Remote reviewers can customize their own view settings.
  • Change users during a study. Switch users in an open study and create an audit trail of user involvement. This is ideal for long-term studies or a patient transfer between users.
  • Empower collaborative functionality. Access, review, and re-montage patient data from anywhere on the CadLink network. Document user involvement for HIPAA compliance.

Power-up CadLink with these options:

EMR Interface

Automatically import demographics and export results and reports to HIS or EMR for inclusion in the patient’s chart. CadLink uses HL7 messaging and supports ADT, ORM, embedded results, and custom demographics.


Ensure short-term storage never gets full. Automatically move data to long-term storage and receive email notifications of archive status.

HL7 Interface

The CadLink HL7 Interface allows CadLink Server to seamlessly integrate with EMR systems, streamlining testing workflows and reducing errors from manual data entry.


Enables communication between team members across the Cadwell platform.


With CadSchedule®, you can schedule tests, visits, patients, rooms, personnel, and equipment from any CadLink Client and auto-populate the appointment in the Cadwell application.