Easy III, sleep studies, sleep study, sleep monitoring, PSG, sleep apnea testing

Initialize, record, score and review both HSAT and in-lab sleep studies, performing all of your sleep diagnostics using one efficient software and workflow.

When you purchase Cadwell sleep diagnostic solutions for your sleep lab, you aren’t just acquiring quality, flexible sleep study tests. You’re caring for your patients with time-tested and user-friendly solutions that gives you clear signals. You’re implementing efficient and flexible software with live remote viewing, concise reporting and complimentary upgrades. And you’re building a team of qualified, informed support personnel who have your back.

Easy III PSG sleep testing for adults and pediatrics, Easy III remote input box, sleep studies, PSG

The Easy III PSG sleep study 54+ channel amplifier and remote input box let you record crystal clear signals with 4kHz sampling rate and bedside impedance checks. Easy III sleep study tests offer intuitive oximetry messaging, better data management, bedside impedance checks, and improved sleep scoring workflow.

ApneaTrak home sleep test, home sleep apnea testing, HSAT, sleep studies, sleep study, home sleep study, home sleep test

Seamlessly integrate Type 3 home sleep study tests into your sleep lab with the new generation of ApneaTrak Home Sleep Apnea Test (HSAT) device. This home EEG sleep monitor captures airflow pressure, oximetry, body position, thoracic respiratory effort, abdominal respiratory effort, thermal airflow and snoring with a simple, patient-friendly HSAT device. Home sleep study instructions, patient videos, and color-coded connections help improve study success rates.

Easy 2 Ambulatory EEG PSG amplifier, sleep studies, sleep study, PSG, Type 2 PSG

Collect Type 2 sleep study tests with the Easy Ambulatory 2 amplifier. Add Q-Video® Mobile 2 to record synchronized digital video during ambulatory studies. Easy Ambulatory 2 sleep study tests utilize the same Easy III software as our Easy III PSG with flexible workspace configurations, montages and customizable reports. Easy Ambulatory 2 can also be configured for EEG.