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Arc EEG enables accessible, dependable, real-time EEG monitoring with video for clinical and routine studies

To enable Arc EEG to best serve you, we combined effective remote monitoring with durability and high quality data

Arc offers two solutions for routine and clinical EEG monitoring with video: Arc Essentia and Arc Apollo+. Both can be cart-mounted or hardwired into a room. Essentia and Apollo+ offer 32 channels of quality EEG, and Apollo+ also offers a 64-channel amplifier.


Arc is flexible and durable enough for quality EEG in real-world clinical practice

  • Remote live control enables a technician to control the study remotely.
  • Remote live view enables a neurologist to review the study without affecting acquisition.
  • Intuitive software requires little training for new users.
EEG systems, EMU, LTM, at-home EEG, in-hospital EEG

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Product availability may vary between different countries and markets. Please contact Cadwell for additional information.

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