Arc offers everything you need to run a routine EEG study

Arc provides accessible, dependable, real-time EEG monitoring with video. To enable Arc EEG to best serve you, we combined effective remote monitoring with durability and high quality data.

Arc offers two solutions for routine and clinical EEG monitoring with video: Arc Essentia and Arc ApolloBoth can be cart-mounted or hardwired into a room, and both offer 32 channels of quality EEG. 

Arc is flexible and durable enough for quality EEG in real-world clinical practice

  • Remote live control enables a technician to control the study remotely.
  • Remote live view enables a neurologist to review the study without affecting acquisition.
  • Intuitive software requires little training for new users.
  • Arc EEG is an ideal solution for adult and pediatric patients.
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Essentia EEG with Remote Input Headbox

Arc Software features the most recent EEG code…

…in a new and simple platform that offers easier to interpret data, streamlined assessment tools and a rich report generator. Arc software integrates well with your current technologies and IT infrastructure, and is HL7 compatible. 

Sentinel Monitoring allows you to remotely monitor multiple patients on one central computer, receive audible and visual event notifications, control cameras, enter events, and view and review EEG and video. 

Cadwell provides free regular software updates. We are committed to contributing to cutting-edge EEG technology and supporting our customers. 

CadLink supports remote monitoring

CadLink Information Management allows encrypted and secure remote monitoring and enables remote control over Arc software and cameras.

For secure and efficient access to clinical information across multiple computers when and where you need it, CadLink helps deliver efficient workflow, quality data, and easy reporting. It stores patient records and reports, manages user access, and can support HL7 interfacing and automatic archiving. CadLink manages information between Arc EEG, Sierra EMG, and Cascade IONM. 

Cadwell EEG Sentinel Monitoring
Arc portable EEG machines for ICU, EMU, ER and private practice

How much does an EEG machine cost?

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