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Buy used Cadwell equipment

(USA Customers only)

The only place to purchase factory refurbished Cadwell equipment is from Cadwell itself.

Cadwell Refurbished

Factory refurbished equipment is sourced from used and demonstration equipment, validated by our Service Department, and brought up to current engineering specifications. Factory refurbished equipment comes with a six (6) month warranty.

CadCare Membership is Included

We are committed to our customers. The CadCare Membership Program is included in Cadwell equipment purchases, for the lifetime of your equipment.

No Hidden Costs

The benefits of purchasing (new or used) equipment directly from Cadwell outweigh the apparent savings of a third-party purchase.

If you are thinking about purchasing Cadwell equipment from a third-party seller, these are important considerations:

Beware of "Certified"

Cadwell is the only source of factory refurbished used Cadwell equipment. Equipment purchased from third-party sellers is not generally covered by Cadwell’s factory warranty.

Service and Support Costs

Equipment purchased from a third-party seller must be enrolled in the CadCare Membership Program for $1,200, per system, per year of membership to access CadCare support and service.

License Activation Costs

Cadwell application licenses are non-transferable. To activate the license of a Cadwell application, a one-time fee of $5,000 per software license will be charged.

If you have already purchased Cadwell equipment from a third-party seller, you are eligible to purchase CadCare Membership

If your Cadwell equipment was purchased from a third-party seller, you must enroll that equipment in the CadCare Membership Program for $1,200 per system, per year of membership.

CadCare Customer Support Programs

The Benefits of Cadwell’s Limited Warranty and CadCare Membership

Legend: ✔ = included, $ = available as a purchasable option


Limited Warranty CadCare Membership Benefits
Live phone answering (M-F, 4:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. PT)
Phone support for general software application and hardware troubleshooting questions (M-F, 6:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. PT)
PSG, LTM & EMU after-hours support for patient care disruptions
Software upgrades (for purchased licensed features)
$ Custom report creation
Maintenance with existing reports
$ Application training via webinar
$ Diagnostic Remote Web Support
$ Preventative Maintenance (scheduled PM & 7-day turn options
available in Extended Service Plans)
$ Equipment loaners
$ Shipping & handling of repairs & loaners
$ Cadwell parts & labor (basic extended warranty)
$ $ Expedited equipment repair
$ $ Workstation setup & configuration beyond original equipment install
$ Non-Cadwell peripheral equipment coverage (e.g. PCs & printers purchased from Cadwell)
$ Software Maintenance and Support Plan (discounts available)
$ $ PSG, LTM & EMU 24/7 Premium Support Plan (discounts available)

How do I buy Cadwell equipment?

Customers in the United States work with a Cadwell Sales Manager in their region to purchase new or used neurodiagnostic and neuromonitoring equipment, carts, and supplies.

  • Our IONM Sales Team sells Cascade PRO, Cascade IOMAX, and IONM supplies and accessories.
  • Our Diagnostics Sales Team sells Arc EEG for full spectrum epilepsy monitoring, Sierra Summit EMG/NCS/EP/US, Easy III in-lab PSG and ApneaTrak HSAT.
International Sales all countries outside of the USA, US Territories, and the Caribbean: Contact our International Sales Team to connect with your Cadwell distributor.