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Apollo+ is a wearable ambulatory EEG  + video solution

When you’re sending patients home for remote studies, Arc Apollo+ is a wearable EEG solution that provides accessible, dependable, real-time monitoring with video in a complete, compact, and portable system. We considered remote monitoring, durability, duration, data management, and reducing patient intervention when we designed Apollo+ for you.
Arc Apollo+ EEG monitoring at home
Arc Apollo EEG monitoring at home

Arc Apollo+ enables real-time remote monitoring

Run attended studies remotely with the ability to intermittently or continuously monitor patients in-home. The Apollo+ EEG system is the hassle-free way that Cadwell helps you help your patients, in the comfort of their own home.

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Arc Apollo ambulatory EEG equipment offers these unique ambulatory benefits and features


Built-in durability withstands patient use and abuse

We designed Apollo+ as a rugged, durable ambulatory EEG. It is compact, light, drop-tested, and IP22 water resistant. Backpack, harness, and head mount options assist with patient comfort. 


Record longer studies without patient intervention

Apollo+ can acquire data for up to 96 hours on two rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries, so patients do not need to change or charge batteries during a multi-day session. For longer studies, batteries can trickle charge over USB while the patient is sleeping.

Capture HD video with smart features

The rugged and durable design of Q-Video Mobile 3 ensures that your equipment will be reliable patient after patient. Drop-tested onto concrete, and IP22 water resistant. You can be comfortable sending it home with each ambulatory patient.

QVM3 features HD Video, auto-switching infrared lighting, ambient audio, onboard rechargeable batteries, and a live video display.

Listen to your patient

Never lose a paper patient event log again. The patient voice event button automatically records and stores the patient’s voice in real time, and synchronizes it with the EEG.

Capture higher channel counts

Record up to 64 channels with up to 2000 Hz storage rates per channel and continuous impedance monitoring on the Apollo+ Recorder.

Safeguard EEG data integrity with real-time control

If the patient loses a reference electrode in the middle of the night, you can change the reference on the fly remotely.

Arc EEG Software for EEG Machines, Portable EEG Systems, Ambulatory EEG

Arc EEG software helps you make timely and physiologically sound treatment decisions

Continuous EEG monitoring may help you to make early neurological prognostication, detect abnormalities at a reversible stage, access the benefits of interventions and prevent neurological complications.

Arc software features a completely new and simple platform, easier to interpret data, streamlined assessment tools, and a rich report generator. Completely integrated room automation allows you to customize your configurations of external hardware and third-party application triggering.

Enable monitoring multiple patients from a single computer with Sentinel Monitoring

Sentinel enables monitoring multiple patients from a single computer, with immediate visual and auditory notifications for patient events and seizure detections.

Ensure fail-safe streaming with CadLink Data Management

CadLink data management enables fail-safe streaming and remote monitoring. From any Arc computer, users can control camera functions and IP camera switching to follow patients as they move. 

Recognize critical points in EEG with Arc Synopsis Trends and Seizure Detection

Arc Synopsis Trends and Seizure Detection help you recognize critical points in EEG that help assess cerebral function, predict outcomes, and make informed treatment decisions, including:

  • Seizures
  • Cerebral function background patterns
  • Sleep/wake cycling
  • Burst rate
Arc portable EEG machines for ICU, EMU, ER and private practice

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