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Sleep Diagnostic Clinical Solutions

Integrate all of your PSG and HSAT sleep diagnostics in one convenient platform with Easy® III PSG software from Cadwell.

Cadwell sleep diagnostic solutions in your sleep lab means you have quality, flexible sleep study equipment for polysomnography (PSG) and home sleep apnea testing (HSAT) on a single software platform. You’re caring for your patients with time-tested and user-friendly solutions that give you clear signals. You’re implementing efficient and flexible software with live remote viewing, concise reporting and complimentary software upgrades. You’re also accessing a team of qualified, informed support personnel who have your back.

Utilize one software for all of your sleep diagnostic needs with flexible workspace configurations, customizable montages, intuitive oximetry messaging, better data management, bedside impedance checks, improved sleep scoring workflow, and customizable reports.


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PSG and HSAT Sleep Solutions from Cadwell: Easy III PSG in white, ApneaTrak HSAT devices in black with Easy III sleep software
cadwell eeg ceeg ltm psg

Easy III for in-lab sleep monitoring

The Easy III sleep study 54+ channel amplifier and remote input box let you record crystal clear signals with 4kHz sampling rate and bedside impedance checks.

Did you know?

You can use Easy III’s 8 DC channels to communicate with a wide variety of auxiliary equipment. Use In-Lab Titration devices from any manufacturer, your favorite CO2 device, or even add nocturnal pH tracking.

ApneaTrak HSAT

ApneaTrak for Type 3 HSAT

Seamlessly integrate Type 3 home sleep study tests into your sleep lab with the new generation of ApneaTrak Home Sleep Apnea Test (HSAT) device. Patient instruction videos, and color-coded connections help improve study success rates.

Easy II Ambulatory PSG
Easy Ambulatory 2 Type 2 PSG studies

EasyAmbulatory 2 for Ambulatory Type 2 PSG

Collect Type 2 PSG sleep study tests with the Easy Ambulatory 2 amplifier. Easy Ambulatory 2 can also be configured for EEG.

Solutions for Sleep Diagnostics


Sleep Test Description Personnel Signals Required Cadwell Solution
Type 1 PSG, performed in a sleep lab Attended EEG, EOG, chin EMG, ECG, airflow, respiratory effort, blood oxygen saturation Easy III
Type 2 Portable PSG Unattended EEG, EOG, chin EMG, ECG, airflow, respiratory effort, blood oxygen saturation Easy Ambulatory 2
Type 3 Home Sleep Apnea Test (HSAT) Unattended Heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, body position, thoracic effort, nasal pressure ApneaTrak
Type 4 Continuous recording of 1-2 channels Unattended 1 - 2 channels ApneaTrak

Sleep Diagnostics software

Streamline your sleep diagnostic testing with integrated PSG and HSAT. Initialize, record, score and review both HSAT and PSG, performing all of your sleep diagnostics using one efficient software platform and workflow.


Integrate AI auto scoring

EnsoSleep delivers Artificial Intelligence scoring and analysis on Easy III PSG and ApneaTrak HSAT data in a matter of minutes, with >90% agreement. Using EnsoSleep with Easy III PSG software empowers you with time savings and scoring consistency, so you can spend more time helping with patient education and compliance.


Monitor anywhere

Access all stored data as well as live recordings from anywhere via Citrix. Build physician worklists so you know which studies you’ve already done and which studies need to be completed.

American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) Practice Guidelines

American Academy of Sleep Medicine provides practice guidelines for sleep apnea, circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders, hypersomnia, insomnia, parasomnias, pediatric sleep patients, sleep-related breathing disorders (SRB), and sleep-related movement disorders, including:

Practice Parameters for the Indications of Polysomnography and Related Procedures
Diagnostic categories include the following: sleep related breathing disorders, other respiratory disorders, narcolepsy, parasomnias, sleep related seizure disorders, restless legs syndrome, periodic limb movement sleep disorder, depression with insomnia, and circadian rhythm sleep disorders. Read more…

Clinical Practice Guideline for Diagnostic Testing for Adult Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Diagnostic testing for OSA should be performed in conjunction with a comprehensive sleep evaluation and adequate follow-up. Polysomnography is the standard diagnostic test for the diagnosis of OSA in adult patients in whom there is a concern for OSA based on a comprehensive sleep evaluation. Read more…

Position Paper for the Use of a Home Sleep Apnea Test for the Diagnosis of OSA in Children. OSA in children is a disease characterized by recurrent episodes of partial or complete upper airway obstruction associated with arousals, awakenings, and/or oxyhemoglobin desaturations during sleep. It may also be associated with disruption of ventilation and normal sleep patterns. Read more…

Clinical Guideline for the Evaluation, Management and Long-Term Care of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Adults.  The signs, symptoms and consequences of OSA are a direct result of the derangements that occur due to repetitive collapse of the upper airway: sleep fragmentation, hypoxemia, hypercapnia, marked swings in intrathoracic pressure, and increased sympathetic activity. Read more…

Sleep Solution Guide Cover

Sleep Diagnostic Solutions Guide

Cadwell’s Sleep Diagnostic Solutions Guide gives you a comprehensive overview of the hardware, software, carts, supplies, accessories, and electrodes offered to support the Easy III PSG and ApneaTrak HSAT systems.

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