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Arc EEG follows every state of a patient’s journey through Epilepsy Monitoring: from monitoring and diagnosis to treatment

Diagnosing Epilepsy

When a patient is first being evaluated for an epilepsy diagnosis, a routine EEG or clinical EEG may be recommended.

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EEG in the EMU

Long-term inpatient monitoring utilizes EEG with video to diagnose epilepsy, and complete presurgical evaluations.

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Intracranial EEG

When baseline EEG fails to localize the source of seizures, intracranial EEG with direct cortical stimulation may be used.

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Diagnosing Epilepsy

Arc offers two solutions for non-invasive baseline epilepsy monitoring with video: Arc Essentia and Arc Apollo+. Essentia is designed for clinical use; Apollo+ can be used for clinical and ambulatory studies.

Essentia EEG with Remote Input Headbox

EEG in the EMU

Arc helps you diagnose definite epilepsy, determine types of seizures, identify subclinical activity, localize activity, complete pre-surgical evaluations, and monitor the effects of AEDs.

Two options make Arc an effective solution in the EMU: Arc Essentia and Arc Apollo+. Essentia is a 32-channel amplifier. Apollo+ offers 32 and 64 channel amplifiers. Both can be installed hardwired or as cart-based systems, and Apollo can allow your patients the benefits of an ambulatory system: portable, lightweight, comfortable, and battery powered.

EEG Image: Neurologist with Zenith EMU EEG

Intracranial EEG Monitoring

Arc offers high-channel counts for intracranial EEG monitoring with grid, strip and stereotactic electrodes to functionally map the brain and localize epileptogenic zone(s). 

Subthreshold cortical stimulation can be used to help stop seizures in critical brain regions without affecting brain function. 

Cortical stimulation mapping and cortical somatosensory evoked potentials help guide the plan for epilepsy and tumor neurosurgery.

Arc Zenith is Cadwell’s solution for high-channel count EEG with integrated cortical stimulation.

Arc Software helps you make timely and physiologically sound treatment decisions

Continuous EEG monitoring may help you to make early neurological prognostication, detect abnormalities at a reversible stage, access the benefits of interventions and prevent neurological complications.

Arc software features a completely new and simple platform, easier to interpret data, streamlined assessment tools and a rich report generator.

CadLink Data  Management

CadLink data management enables fail-safe streaming and remote monitoring. From any Arc computer, users can control camera functions and IP camera switching to follow patients as they move.

Sentinel Monitoring

Sentinel enables monitoring multiple patients from a single computer, with immediate visual and auditory notifications for patient events and seizure detections.

Cadwell EEG Sentinel Monitoring
Arc portable EEG machines for ICU, EMU, ER and private practice

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