Arc EEG covers all of your brain monitoring needs

In-Hospital LTM, EMU, ICU, and At-Home Video Ambulatory Monitoring

Apollo provides flexible monitoring for in-hospital, epilepsy monitoring, the ICU, and at-home ambulatory monitoring with video. Improve patient care with continuous data acquisition, freedom of movement, and continuous impedance checking. The Arc Apollo device provides all of your EEG solutions for clinical and ambulatory, EMU, ICU and NICU monitoring.

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Routine, Clinical, EMU, ICU and NICU

The Essentia amplifier is designed for quality performance in clinical practice and in the ICU, EMU and outpatient clinics. Its unique hardware design ensures high-quality signals, even in the noisy environments of real-life clinical practice. Arc Essentia EEG is flexible and durable enough for any task, from clinics to the ICU.


High Channel-Count Intracranial Monitoring with Cortical Stimulation

Zenith offers up to 288 channels with cortical stimulation. Zenith simplifies operational workflow, reduces the risk of errors, reduces setup and surgical time, and enhances data accuracy and analyses to help improve patient outcomes. 

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Arc Software helps you make timely and physiologically sound treatment decisions

Brain monitoring may help you to make early neurological prognostication, detect abnormalities at a reversible stage, access the benefits of interventions and prevent neurological complications.

Arc software features a completely new and simple platform, easier to interpret data, streamlined assessment tools and a rich report generator.

Monitor Anywhere with CadLink Information Management

CadLink data enterprise system allows you to access data anytime, anywhere.  The new HL7 interface seamlessly ties into EHR systems and the Scheduler provides visibility and management to staff, patients and equipment.

Arc portable EEG machines for ICU, EMU, ER and private practice

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