Arc portable EEG machines for ICU, EMU, ER and private practice

Arc is your complete EEG equipment solution

State of the art EEG machines for in-home, office, clinic, hospital room, EMU, ICU and ER. Run Arc locally, on the network or over the web – where and when you need EEG.

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Arc EEG features a completely new and simple platform, easier to interpret data, streamlined assessment tools and a rich report generator.

Cadlink data enterprise system links it all together to allow EEG data accessible anytime anywhere.  The new HL7 interface seamlessly ties into EHR systems and the Scheduler provides visibility and management to staff, patients and equipment.

Arc helps you make timely and physiologically sound treatment decisions.  Continuous EEG monitoring may help you to make early neurological prognostication, detect abnormalities at a reversible stage, access the benefits of interventions and prevent neurological complications.

Product availability may vary in different countries. Please contact Cadwell for additional information.

Arc EEG Synopsis Trending and Seizure Detection

Arc Synopsis Trends and Seizure Detection

AEEG • Alpha Delta Ratios • Amplitude Asymmetry • Band Power • Envelope Trend • Spectogram • Spectral Entropy Trend

Synopsis helps you recognize critical points in the EEG including seizures, cerebral function background patterns, sleep/wake cycling and burst rate that help assess cerebral function, predict outcomes, and make informed treatment decisions.

Trends Package

  • Use Seizure View to see seizure-marked EEG data by quickly truncating the file, or filter out seizure-marked data and view all unmarked EEG data.
  • Add a Trends Window and customize analysis without any impact on automated event detection.

Seizure Detection Package

  • Includes Trends Package.
  • Detection Window lets you set thresholds for seizure and event activity, and then automatically detects the events and marks the data.
Arc EEG Synopsis Seizure Detection and Trends

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Feature Request

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