The powerful features and tools of Arc will change the way you EEG

Arc EEG software helps you make timely and physiologically sound treatment decisions

Arc EEG software features a completely new platform with the latest code, easier to interpret data, streamlined assessment tools and a rich report generator.

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Save critical time

Customize studies for specific cases. Start a study with one click and enter patient information later. 

Capture important information

  • Highlight video and superimpose traces over video
  • Display video in a separate window or monitor
  • Detect subtle movements with video zooming
  • Capture video and image traces to include in reports
  • Control IP camera switching and functions with integrated pan, tilt and zoom controls

Review in record time

  • Review and monitor live data simultaneously
  • Record using numerous display options
  • Remotely monitor on one or multiple monitors
  • View up to 100 pages at once and inspect individual events with one-click zoom
  • Automatically shade reviewed pages
  • Highlight preserves the entire record while you click between marked areas
  • Review and export just highlighted data

Arc EEG Software offers flexible cortical stimulation parameters, documents stimulation responses, and much more

  • All intracranial case settings, including montages, follow the patient record
  • Reduce case setup time by creating a montage including all electrodes in one click
  • Simplify electrode layout with automated mapping to inputs (patent pending)
  • Control integrated switch matrix stimulation in the software
  • Scale your workload by remotely monitoring multiple patients from one computer
  • Control IP camera switching and functions remotely
  • Record using numerous display options
  • Streamline review with Synopsis trends and detection
  • Integrated switch matrix between Zenith and IOMAX stimulator enables full control of cortical stimulation through software
  • Flexible cortical stimulation parameters
  • Documents cortical stimulation functional and afterdischarge responses
  • Functional response graphical maps and tables
  • Afterdischarge mapping creates graphical images and tables

Recognize key events with Synopsis Trends and Seizure Detection

Data patterns indicative of seizures, sleep/wake cycling, burst rate, and more can be identified and filtered with adjustable parameters. Learn more about Synopsis.

Arc EEG Software features

  • Anonymize studies
  • Switch users without interrupting a study
  • Create custom patient information fields
  • Export and share data with Viewer
  • Support specialized Laplacian montages
  • Import Cadwell Easy® III EEG records for review
  • Customize report templates and create narratives quickly in CadReport
  • Align EEG traces
  • Calibrate the screen
  • Superimpose traces for comparison
  • And much more

Customize your Arc EEG experience

  • Study Types
  • Montages
  • Views
  • Windows
  • Displays
  • Hot Keys
  • Event Buttons
  • Report Templates
Arc portable EEG machines for ICU, EMU, ER and private practice

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