Initialize, record, score and review both HSAT and PSG

Easy III PSG Features

  • Crystal clear signals with the 4kHz sampling rate
  • Advance Bilevel Modalities
    • AVAPS
    • iVAPS
    • AdaptSV
    • AutoSV
  • Intuitive oximetry messaging for better troubleshooting during recordings
  • Efficient data management with Auto-Archiving
  • Bedside impedance checks
  • Improved sleep scoring workflow
  • Paging at 120 or 300 seconds/page


    A flexible sleep workspace

    • Role-based, personalized software behaves the way you want and can be modified on-the-fly.
    • Simultaneously monitor live and recorded video to improve patient care during the study.
    • Synchronized montages and reports mean you don’t need to copy files to every station.
    • Build your workspace across multiple monitors, or consolidate to a single monitor display.
    • Monitor your way, anywhere. Access all stored patient data and live recordings from anywhere via Citrix. Build physician worklists so you know which studies you’ve already done and which studies need to be completed.
    Easy III PSG headbox baby

    Designed for kids of all ages

    • Configure sleep software for pediatric and neonatal patients
    • Interface with a wide variety of external oximetry, carbon dioxide and pH monitors
    • Record enough channels for nocturnal seizure montages
    • Capture high quality video to validate the trace data during acquisition and review

    Configure a dual-monitoring sleep workspace

    Configure your recording workspace to see everything on a single monitor

    Quickly estimate the presence of N3 sleep with Delta Highlight.

    Review and score ApneaTrak studies exactly how you score PSG

    Easy III and ApneaTrak studies all appear in the Easy III Review window. Score ApneaTrak studies exactly how you score PSG studies. Simplify your workflow and save time with better data management and Auto-Archiving.

    Flexible and configurable templates let you build your reports the way you want them

    • Make your workflow more efficient by instantly sending results to your EMR via HL7Link
    • Highly detailed titration reports provide more insight into complex patients

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