High channel count EEG with cortical stimulation

Zenith provides EMU solutions designed to

  • Simplify operational workflow
  • Reduce the risk of errors
  • Reduce setup and surgical time
  • Enhance data accuracy and analyses to improve patient outcomes

Intelligent design

  • Patented Zenect™ magnetic smart electrode connectors
  • Record up to 576 channels
  • 1 MGz sampling with storage up to 8kHz
  • Select any input as ground on an amplifier and select any other input as the recording refrerence
  • FDA cleared, fully integrated cortical stimulator
  • Rugged, drop-tested and water-resistant

Simplified setup means you can

  • Create montages including all electrodes with one click
  • Streamline electrode layout with automated input mapping (patent pending)
  • Control integrated switch matrix stimulation in the software