IONM, Intraoperative Neuromonitoring

Cascade® IOMAX™ is a compact, robust IONM system designed to withstand daily use and the environmental hazards of the operating room. Its modular design lets users tailor each IONM setup to the specific requirements of different surgeries.

Scale IOMAX from eight to 48 channels, use cortical module solo, combine cortical module, with 1 - 4, with one to four, limb modules, use limb modules, independently, flexible, modular
ionm, intraoperative neuromonitoring

Cortical Module

Designed for recording and stimulating at or near the patient’s head, the IOMAX Cortical Module provides 16 recording channels, TCS-9 for dynamic montaging of transcortical MEPs, and Low Current, Auditory and Visual Stimulation.

ionm, intraoperative neuromonitoring

Limb Module

Designed for recording and stimulating the arms and legs, the IOMAX Limb Modules offer eight recording channels, five paired E-Stim outputs, SpO2 and Heart Rate.

ionm, intraoperative neuromonitoring

Base Module

The IOMAX Base Module provides power and communication via a single SafeT™ Cable to the OR table, and allows Trigger In/Out interfacing with third-party devices.

ionm, intraoperative neuromonitoring


LCSwap is a comprehensive switch matrix solution for direct cortical stimulation. Twelve outputs can be independently assigned as anode or cathode; it also includes two paired outputs for hand-held probes.

Safety Cable

SafeT™ Cables

Waterproof SafeT™ Cables are completely interchangeable between Modules and feature color-coded quick-release metal connectors. A single SafeT™ Cable connects the Base Unit to Modules at the surgical table.

Cascade® Surgical Studio software offers an intuitive and thoughtful user interface.

  • Switch users during a case without interrupting data acquisition
  • Share and manage case data and resources across your organization
  • Maximize trace windows on the fly
  • View live and saved data side-by-side

  • Achieve quick and intuitive direct cortical stimulation with strips, grids, and/or probes using the software-driven switch matrix
  • Measure vital signs with heart rate and SpO2 from up to four limbs
  • Use TCS-9 dynamic montaging to achieve optimized MEP results for each patient →
  • Auto-save screenshots with every Event Log entry
  • Save only important EMG data
  • Set up color-changing cursor alerts

  • SSEP, EMG, MEP, DCS, TOF, BAEP, EEG, VEP, DWave, etc.
  • All modalities on the same screen running together
  • Integrated bovie detection
  • Same inputs with different channel settings per mode run simultaneously

  • Standardize demographic data collection
  • Enter comments just by typing
  • Customize Word®-based report templates
  • Choose whether to save the Chat log
  • Automatically document remote reviewer connections
  • Choose screenshots to include in reports
  • Remote monitoring and integrated chat are powerful tools for communication with colleagues during surgery.
  • Surgical Studio lets you create a custom surgeon’s view, and you can easily drag a window onto a second monitor.
  • Set up CadLink™ information management to automatically interface with EMR or HIS to import patient demographics and export results and reports.