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Cascade, IOMN, Intraoperative Neuromonitoring

Experience our time-tested intraoperative neuromonitoring solution

  • 16 or 32 channels (buy now or upgrade later)
  • Dynamic montaging
  • All-modality monitoring
  • Remote monitoring

Cascade PRO supports

  • Auditory and visual stimulation
  • Electrosurgery and noise detection
  • Cart-based and portable configurations
  • ES-IX 2: High and low current stimulation
  • TCS-4 and TCS-1000: Transcranial stimulation
  • Surge protection

Cascade Surgical Studio software is Cadwell’s dynamic solution for all Cascade IONM systems

Streamline your workflow

  • Switch users during a case without interrupting data acquisition
  • Maximize trace windows on the fly
  • Share an manage case data and resources across your organization with CadLink data management
  • View live and saved data side-by-side

Capture critical information

  • Set up color-changing cursor alerts
  • Auto-save screenshots with every Event Log entry
  • Save only important EMG data

Strengthen documentation

  • Standardize demographic data collection
  • Enter comments just by typing
  • Customize Word®-based report templates
  • Choose whether to save the Chat log
  • Automatically document remote reviewer connections
  • Choose screenshots to include in reports
EMG saved data in blue with live data in white
Select which event screenshots to include in the report generator, i.e. Incision, Screenshot, Exposure, SSEPs stable, Closing

Product availability may vary in different countries. Please contact Cadwell for additional information.