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The Cascade PRO IONM system’s pod-based design is time-tested and user-approved for dynamic surgical environments

Cascade Pro product family

The Cascade PRO is an innovative neuromonitoring solution in a portable, configurable package. Scalable from 16 to 32 channels with one or two amplifiers, the PRO can function as a cart-based or portable system that maximizes user-configuration choices and simplicity.

Monitor all modalities with Cascade IONM: SSEP, EMG, TEMG, MEP, EEG, DWave, BAEP, VEP, TOF, and Video.

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Flexible Configurations

Choose one or two 16-channel PRO amplifiers

  • Add input extender pods to reach the operating table


The PRO Base Unit enables all-modality monitoring

  • Auditory EP stimulation
  • Visual EP stimulation
  • Electrosurgery detection
  • Noise detection

Peripheral stimulators increase case-by-case flexibility


Transcranial Motor Stimulation

The TCS-1000 and TCS-4 offer transcranial motor stimulation with one or four fixed output pairs. This transcranial stimulation delivers high voltage, rapid trains of up to nine pulses (at 1000 Volts). With the TCS-4, up to four sets of single anode to single cathode output combinations can be created and switched between in the Cascade Surgical Studio software.


Electrical Stimulation

The ES-IX Simulator 2 offers high and low output stimulation with up to 16 outputs for various applications, such as peripheral nerve stimulation and direct nerve stimulation.

Patented quick-connect cable fasteners fast-track setup and tear-down.

Cascade Surgical Studio (CSS) Software
An intuitive and thoughtful user interface

Streamline your workflow, deliver clinical excellence, capture critical information, monitor all modalities, strengthen documentation, and stay connected.

logo for cadx surgical simulator

CadX Surgical Simulator
Learn IONM outside of the OR

Manipulate the patient control panel to create real-world scenarios for demonstration or assessment purposes. Simulate realistic data demonstrating anesthesia, technical setup, trace characteristics, surgical effects, pedicle screw, and scripts.

Cadwell’s C2 Cart–a lightweight, versatile medical cart designed to work with Cascade Pro equipment and accessories

  • Small footprint for tight spaces in the OR
  • Height adjustment for user comfort while sitting or standing
  • Cable management system
  • Large 5” (12.7 cm) wheels for easier maneuverability and directionally lock for better control during transport
  • Telescoping camera support
  • Bin and basket features for storage of electrodes, supplies, and accessories

Shop for a complete line of IONM electrodes, accessories, and consumables

Cadwell offers a complete line of IONM electrodes, lead wires, probes and stimulators at (USA customers). We continuously innovate and release new consumables that our customers need and use. Check out our Supplies and Accessories Product Catalog.

International Customers: Some products may not be available in all countries and markets; check availability with your Cadwell distributor.

IONM Electrodes

Purchase IONM electrodes at the Cadwell estore

Shop Cadwell’s e-store for a large selection of high quality needles that meet all of your IONM subdermal needle needs, including cork screw, parallel paired, bent, twisted, singles, and ENT needles.

IONM Probes

Purchase IONM probes at the Cadwell estore
Cadwell offers a vast disposable probe portfolio for IONM and stimulating for a variety of procedures, including monopolar, concentric, bi-polar, bent, and flush tip stimulating probes.

Speciality IONM Supplies

Purchase IONM supplies and accessories at the Cadwell estore

Cadwell offers a suite of IONM specialty electrodes, including endotracheal tubes, laryngeal surface electrodes, subdural strips, epidural spinal electrodes, Cadwell Clip-On Plungers and our patented Multi-Stage Clip.

Solution Guide - Cascade Pro


Solution Guide for Cascade Pro

Cadwell’s Solution Guide is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the hardware, carts, supplies, accessories, and electrodes offered to support the Cascade PRO IONM system.

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