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Arc Apollo+ 32-channel and 64-channel EEG

Arc Apollo+® is a wearable, wireless-capable EEG system that can be configured with 32 or 64-channel amplifiers and redeployed as needed for LTM, EMU, ICU, NICU, ER, clinical, traditional in-home ambulatory, and remotely monitored in-home video EEG studies.

Arc Apollo+ for compact and comprehensive EEG

Configure an Arc Apollo+ 32 or 64-channel amplifier with the Arc Apollo+ Recorder. These compact, lightweight, and rugged systems have EEG storage rates of up to 2000 Hz per channel. Ambulatory EEG patients can move freely with onboard rechargeable batteries, continuous data acquisition, and continuous impedance checking. The Arc Apollo+ amplifiers and recorder are rugged, drop-tested, and IP22 water-resistant.

As patient volumes fluctuate, Apollo+ amplifiers can be redeployed to meet your diverse needs with inpatient and in-home EEG monitoring. Multiple configurations are available to meet new CPT code requirements.

  • Ambulatory Clinical EEG with IP camera switching
  • Cart-based for Clinical EEG
  • Ambulatory in the EMU
  • Cart-based in the ICU
  • Wall-mounted in the NICU
  • In-home wireless ambulatory EEG with remote monitoring capabilities
Apollo+ 32- and 64-channel amplifier and recorder

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The Arc Apollo+ system provides solutions for:

Explore the features and capabilities of the Arc Apollo+ EEG system

Arc Apollo+ also provides portable, wireless and ambulatory in-home EEG

Arc Apollo+ Recorder

  • Wireless-capable for in-home studies with Arc Voyager and Arc 3.1 software (or higher)
  • Programmable patient event buttons
  • Rechargeable, non-proprietary lithium-ion batteries
  • Multi-day recording capabilities on a single charge
  • The amplifier cables and connection ports on the Recorder and Amplifiers were engineered with durable metal connectors to ensure longevity and ease of use

Arc Apollo+ Amplifiers

  • The 32-channel and 64-channel Arc Apollo+ amplifiers are compatible with the Arc Apollo+ Recorder for clinical, hospital, or in-home EEG studies
  • The amplifiers feature large, clear labels and 10-20 patterns that comply with Jasper and ACNS standards
  • The 32-channel amplifier is curved to allow for head-mount use
  • You can disable unused amplifier channels in the software to save resources

Portable, wireless and ambulatory at-home EEG

Patients can move freely and comfortably with the Arc Apollo+ system. Set up traditional ambulatory in-home monitoring with the Q-Video Mobile 3 (QVM3) with HD video, video monitor, and auto-switching infrared, or enable in-home wireless EEG with remote monitoring with the Arc Voyager.


Q-Video Mobile 3

Q-Video Mobile 3 (QVM3) captures HD video that synchronizes with Arc Apollo+ EEG data.

Auto-switching infrared lighting, onboard rechargeable batteries, and a monitor with on-screen patient video display help patients easily capture video.

You can be comfortable sending it home with each ambulatory patient. Its rugged and durable design ensures that your equipment will be reliable patient after patient.

Arc Voyager

Arc Voyager

Cadwell provides an accessible, dependable, and secure connection for real-time remote continuous or intermittent access via a Wi-Fi or cellular network connection.

Arc Voyager™ is a wireless remote monitoring system featuring a durable, lockable case, an integrated HD camera with automatic infrared switching, a microphone, and a rugged tablet PC with an on-screen patient video display.

With Arc Voyager and Arc Apollo+, patients benefit from untethered wearable EEG in their homes, maximizing their mobility, comfort, and freedom. Complete patient setup in your office and send patients home with simple instructions.

Arc 3.1 software wireless enables Wi-Fi connectivity between Arc Apollo+ and Arc Voyager. Credentialed users can take remote control over the acquisition tablet PC to perform all required monitoring functions.

Automatic Data Backfill enables daily reports

If a patient leaves the Wi-Fi range of Arc Voyager or experiences a bad data connection, the Arc Apollo+ Recorder will automatically backfill data to the Arc Voyager when the connection is restored.

Wireless EEG data capture with automatic data backfill eliminates difficult-to-read EEG data caused by wireless connection issues, ensures that monitoring and reporting activities are always working with a complete data set, and enables comprehensive real-time review for daily and post-hoc reporting.

Arc Apollo+ Accessories

Patient Voice Event Microphone

Patient Voice Event Microphone

Synchronize voice events with clinical activity in the study data and never lose a paper patient event log again. The patient voice event button automatically records and stores the patient’s voice in real time, and synchronizes it with the EEG.

Ambulatory Patient Event Switch

Ambulatory Patient Event Switch

Mark clinical activity in the software by pushing the button on the patient event switch.

The small, lightweight design of the Patient Event Switch is optimal for smaller and pediatric patients utilizing a harness or backpack solution for carrying the Apollo+ hardware.

Arc Apollo+ harness

Apollo+ Harness

Provide patient comfort and convenience with the front or back-worn harness for the Apollo+ Recorder and either the 32-channel amplifier (shown) or the 64-channel amplifier.

Patient Event Switch

Clinical Patient Event Switch

The patient, a nurse, or a family member can mark activity in the software with the Clinical Patient Event Switch.

Arc Photic Stimulator

Arc Photic Stimulator

Configure a clinical EEG system with the Arc Photic Stimulator hard-wired in a room or mounted to any of our EEG-compatible carts.

Enable 1-60 Hz of visual stimulation during Apollo+ clinical EEG studies.

cadwell disposable cup electrodes

Electrodes and Prep Supplies

Cadwell’s EEG Supplies and Accessories are designed to make technician and patient experiences easy, safe, and comfortable.

Shop at for a complete line of EEG electrodes, accessories, and consumables.

Arc EEG software

Arc EEG software

Arc EEG software features a simple platform, easy to interpret data, streamlined assessment tools, and a rich report generator. Learn more about the powerful features of Arc EEG software, including:

  • Completely integrated room automation
  • Trending and seizure detection
  • Monitoring and remotely control the studies of multiple patients from one computer
  • IP Camera switching
  • Camera function control
Arc EEG software

EEG Carts

Choose from a variety of cart and configuration options for your EEG monitoring needs.

A3 Cart with Arc Essentia 32-channel EEG system and Arc Photic Stimulator

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Product availability may vary between different countries and markets. Please contact Cadwell for additional information.

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