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Cadwell is proud to announce the release of Arc EEG software version 3.1 (3.1.509). We highly recommend users upgrade to the latest available software versions when they become available so they may benefit from ongoing product enhancements.

Wireless data capture with data backfill for Arc Apollo+ in-home EEG

EEG data will automatically stream wirelessly from the Arc Apollo+ Recorder to the PC when the USB cable is disconnected. If the patient leaves wireless range, data will continue to store on the Recorder. Cadwell’s backfill feature enables automatic resumption of wireless transfer of data when signal strength improves for a sufficient period of time. No user interaction is required for transitions between wired (USB) and wireless (Wi-Fi). Wireless functionality requires a license, and currently supports WPA2 Personal (Wireless Protected Access). WAP2 Personal may not meet all of the security level expectations of some Enterprise/Hospital customers.

Next-generation API

The updated API functionality provides external software rich access to nearly all Arc data and functionality. The API is intended for researchers and development partners and allows for extensive data analysis, both in real time and for post processing.

Expanded remote control from live review sessions

Authorized users now have more functionality during live remote review sessions, including:

  • Initiating an impedance check
  • Stopping data acquisition
  • Changing camera settings


Please carefully review the Arc Installation Instructions and the CadLink Server System Configuration Document to understand the compatibilities that may affect your system, including: hardware, firmware, CadLink, CadLink Server, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Download Arc software

USA customers can access the Arc software installation instructions, and full release notes at: International customers can contact their distributors for the Arc EEG software update. Arc 3.1 is available in all international markets where Arc 3.0 is available.

The wireless feature of the Arc Apollo+ Recorder requires a separate registration in each international market. As of March, 2023, wireless is approved in Canada, Colombia, the EU, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Turkey, the UK and the US.