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Arc EEG software

Cadwell is proud to announce the release of Arc® EEG software version 3.0 SP3. This software supports the full range of Arc EEG systems, including Arc Essentia®, Zenith™, Apollo+ 32- and 64-channel, Apollo 32-channel, Arc Alterna®, and Easy® III.

Arc 3.0 SP3 Highlights

  • Performance
    • Improved paging performance in non-GPU backed review
  • Printing
    • Toner friendly printing of highlights
    • Print, export, or delete multiple highlights
  • User Interface
    • Adjust paging speed with a slider
    • Access the measurement tool with a toolbar icon
  • Arc Viewer
    • Export all compatible montages


  • Hardware
    • Arc 3.0 SP3 software is compatible with all studies generated with previous Arc software versions. Studies recorded with the Arc 3.0 SP3 software can only be accessed with Arc software version 3.0 or higher.
  • CadLink
    • Arc software 3.0 requires CadLink® version 5.3.19 or higher. Existing CadLink users should ensure their server version is 5.3.19 or higher prior to installing Arc 3.0 SP3.

Free Software Updates

We highly recommend that to benefit from our ongoing product enhancements, users upgrade to the latest available software versions when they become available.