Kennewick, WA. Cadwell Industries, Inc., a global leader in neurodiagnostic and neuromonitoring solutions, today announces the US launch of Arc Voyager™, a remote monitoring solution for wireless In-Home EEG.

Physicians and technologists can now remotely access real-time EEG data and video from patients running in-home, wireless Arc Apollo+ EEG tests via the Arc Voyager and the new Arc 3.1 software. Arc Apollo+ features EEG data capture with automatic data backfill, designed to enable comprehensive real-time review with a complete data set for daily reporting.

Mobile, comfortable EEG

Arc Voyager is a wireless remote monitoring system featuring a durable case, an integrated HD camera with automatic infrared switching, a microphone, and a rugged tablet PC with an on-screen patient video display that enables wireless EEG data capture and real-time remote monitoring with data backfill.

Arc Apollo+ is a wearable 32 or 64-channel EEG solution that communicates the patient’s EEG data to Arc Voyager via Wi-Fi to provide reliable in-home EEG monitoring. Technologists can easily set up patients in the hospital or clinic, and send patients home with simple instructions for use.

Patients benefit from untethered wearable EEG in their homes, maximizing their mobility, comfort, and freedom. Patients who suffer from epilepsy often experience seizures more frequently in their own environments, as compared with clinical studies in Epilepsy Monitoring Units.


EEG Clinical Solutions

Arc Voyager achieves yet another milestone in Cadwell’s dedicated EEG technology development.

“Cadwell’s continued achievements are the direct result of our partnerships and developmental collaborations with clinical experts around the globe,” says Cadwell CEO Patrick Jensen. “We are dedicated to customer-centric clinical solutions, enhancing user experiences, and improving patient outcomes.”


Jason Tucker
Global Marketing Manager
Cadwell Industries, Inc.
+1 509-735-6481