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Sierra NMUS1

Add Neuromuscular Ultrasound

Sierra NMUS1® is a fully integrated neuromuscular ultrasound solution for Sierra Summit designed specifically for a neuromuscular workflow.

Introducing Arc Voyager

Introducing Arc Voyager

Remote monitoring solution for access to in-home EEG

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Cadwell is dedicated to innovating Neurodiagnostic, Neuromonitoring, and Sleep Diagnostic solutions.

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We value customer input, innovation, product quality, intuitive usability, and outstanding user support to set new standards with our neurology solutions for EEG brain monitoring; EMG, EP, NCS and Ultrasound; IONM surgical monitoring; PSG and HSAT sleep diagnostics; data management; and neuro consumables.

Cadwell Online Support

Visit the Support site to register for free online support (United States, Caribbean and U.S. Territory customers only). Discover training videos that cover everything from licensing the software through setup and configuration, as well as helpful downloads and software updates!

John Cadwell and Carl Cadwell founded Cadwell in 1979
CEO Patrick Jensen and SVP/VP of R&D John Cadwell, Jr.
John and Carl Cadwell
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John Cadwell and Carl Cadwell began a legacy in 1979

That legacy remains dedicated to neurology and neurophysiology. Our entire focus is providing innovative and easy-to-use neurodiagnostic, neuromonitoring, and sleep medical solutions.

Patrick Jensen and John Cadwell, Jr.
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Cadwell's next generation of leadership

CEO Patrick Jensen and SVP/VP of R&D John Cadwell, Jr., continue to serve our neurology customers and their patients. Cadwell is committed to combining customer insight and decades of employee expertise to create cutting-edge technology and provide market-leading customer support.

Cadwell Education hosts live neurology workshops and in-booth demonstrations at conventions


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Cadwell electrodes, consumables, supplies, and accessories for neurology

Cadwell offers a full suite of electrodiagnostic supplies for electroencephalography, electromyography, nerve conduction studies, evoked potential, neuromuscular ultrasound, intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring and sleep diagnostics.

Cadwell is honored to give back to medical and community missions around the world


“Thank you so much for your generous donation to Children’s Hope in Jacmel, Haiti… With the Cadwell donation, I was able to use battery power in a mountain environment with no electricity.”

News & Updates from Cadwell

Flow-Based HSAT devices show the data behind the diagnosis

Flow-based home sleep apnea testing  (HSAT) devices record and display respiratory waveforms, giving you visibility to the data behind sleep apnea diagnoses. ApneaTrak HSAT devices are flow-based and can capture up to three nights on a single charge. ApneaTrak Core,...

New EMG Product: Pudendal Electrode

Cadwell announces the release of the Pudendal (Pelvic Floor) Stimulating and Recording Electrode and Cable for sale in the United States. The pudendal electrode, manufactured by Spes Medica, is designed for use with the Sierra Summit system to evaluate pudendal nerve...

Cadwell Applications Not Impacted by Java JNDI Vulnerability

Cadwell became aware of the recent Java JNDI vulnerability discovered on December 9th, 2021 which impacts systems with log4j version 2.0 and higher. Cadwell's core software packages (CadLink, Arc EEG, Cascade Surgical Studio, Easy III PSG, and Sierra) do not use Java...

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