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Flow-based home sleep apnea testing  (HSAT) devices record and display respiratory waveforms, giving you visibility to the data behind sleep apnea diagnoses.

ApneaTrak HSAT devices are flow-based and can capture up to three nights on a single charge. ApneaTrak Core, which records Type 3 sleep studies, captures respiratory effort, snoring, airflow, oximetry and body position.

Combining ApneaTrak HSAT data with integrated EnsoSleep artificial intelligence (AI) scoring and EnsoTST sleep time analysis allows you to calculate sleep time to improve diagnosis of sleep apnea severity.  Including the metric of Total Sleep may potentially qualify for higher HSAT reimbursement.

Compared to other flow-based HSAT devices on the market, ApneaTrak provides the following benefits:

  • Each study can be configured to start automatically, helping to prevent patient error
  • Patients cannot accidentally turn off the device during a study
  • Rechargeable, built-in batteries cannot be dislodged (securing study data), and reduce waste and replacement costs
  • Cadwell’s Easy® III software streamlines sleep diagnostic testing by supporting both Easy III PSG and ApneaTrak HSAT solutions
  • Cadwell is the first sleep diagnostics provider to modify its software to integrate EnsoData’s AI sleep scoring platform
  • A variety of reusable and disposable sensors are available in convenient patient kits