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Accessible, dependable, real-time remote EEG monitoring with video

Together with the Q-Video Mobile 3, Arc Apollo+ can provide the ultimate solution for outpatient ambulatory EEG with video

Arc Apollo+ is an easy-to-use Ambulatory EEG

Arc Apollo+ offers:

  • Onboard battery and storage
  • Over 3 days of recording with no intervention
  • Programmable patient event buttons

Remote Monitoring EEG designed for patient comfort

  • Compact, light, and rugged
  • Harness, backpack and head mount options

EEG with HD Q-Video Mobile 3

  • HD Video
  • Auto-switching infrared
  • Patient microphone for voice events
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Arc Apollo+ EEG monitoring at home

Arc offers flexible configurations for remote monitoring with or without video

Cadwell provides the Arc Apollo+ Recorder, the Apollo+ Amplifier, the Q-Video Mobile 3 and a rugged Dell™ tablet computer. Providers would furnish a mobile hotspot and remote access software. Wearable options include a harness and a backpack. You can even mount the amplifier on a patient’s head.

ambulatory EEG Apollo+ solution

Apollo+ allows physicians and technicians to remotely view ambulatory EEG with HD video, check impedances, and monitor the quality of EEG recordings

Arc EEG hardware and software are easy to use

  • Continuous electrode-off detection and data acquisition with HD video
  • Up to 32 or 64 channels with EEG storage up to 2000 Hz per channel
  • Programmable event buttons
  • Download speeds as fast as eight minutes for every 24 hours of EEG and video

Arc EEG is accessible

  • Removable Apollo+ Recorder batteries fast charge in two hours
  • Q-Video Mobile 3 batteries recharge in four hours
  • Securely store data in physical or cloud server and review from any Arc computer
  • Cadwell offers cloud solutions for all of your EEG data storage and review needs
Apollo+ 32 channel at-home ambulatory EEG
Arc portable EEG machines for ICU, EMU, ER and private practice

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