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KENNEWICK, 18 April, 2016 – Third-generation Tri-Citian Patrick Jensen, PhD, joined Cadwell as Chief Operating Officer on April 11. Jensen grew up in Richland and is a Hanford High School graduate. His grandparents moved here in 1951. Patrick met and married his wife Tia and had their first daughter here before moving away for 25 years. “It feels like coming home to us,” Jensen said.

Introducing Jensen during a company lunch, John Cadwell said “Patrick’s job is to make Cadwell successful, and our job is to make Patrick successful.” Jensen outlined what the company can expect from him: “To be an example; to be a leader and provide clear vision, visibility and accountability; to build a strong team; to always encourage you to do the right thing for the patient, for the family, for the customers who are buying our equipment, for the community, and for society; and to have fun building Cadwell together!”

Jensen came to Cadwell from Spacelabs Healthcare in Snoqualmie, WA, where he served for eight years as Chief Technology Officer, VP of Customer Experience, VP of Regulatory Affairs, VP of Global Operations, VP of Global Service, VP of Advanced Research and Technology, and VP of Research and Development. He spent the two years as prior as Executive VP of Product Development at Talsyt in pharmacy automation in Bellevue.

“I’ve been fortunate to work at some innovative opportunities across a wide variety of medical devices,” Jensen said.

As an entrepreneur, Jensen founded Integriti Systems, an acute care vital signs monitoring company, and built the company to successful acquisition in 2005. He worked for George Garlick at Advanced Imaging Technologies in Richland from 2001 – 2003.

Jensen earned his degree in Electrical Engineering at Oregon State University, and met his wife, Tia, while working at Battelle in Richland. He went on to earn his MS and PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Northwestern University. Jensen holds a dozen patents in patient monitoring, has authored 23 peer-reviewed publications on surgical devices, intraoperative diagnostics and surgical robotics.

Jensen reminded the company that “it’s all about the patient and the family at the end of the day. We need to build the right product so that the clinicians and the doctors who use our products can do the job the best they can possibly do, so the patient and the family that they use our products on are properly diagnosed and treated,” he said. “We need to focus on the quality of the product, the design of the product, to make sure that we’re always keeping patients and families at the front of our daily activities.”

Coming to Cadwell feels like coming home to Jensen. “It really is the people and the culture that is the number one draw,” Jensen said. “I’m honored to carry the Cadwell tradition forward.”