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Sierra Summit offers efficient and accurate nerve conduction studies

NCS from the palm of your hand

Customize your NCS software experience on Sierra Summit with the reference limits you use and your protocols for a streamlined NCS workflow. Use the StimTroller Plus™ to run faster, more comfortable studies. 

Streamline testing, review and reporting

  • Reduce interpretation time with real-time comparisons and Tabular Data Summary View
  • Eliminate the need to report a summary of findings with auto findings composer with custom phrasing
  • Create a personalized report with just a few mouse clicks using QuickReport™ and custom templates
motor and sensory, motor and f wave, cts strategy

NCS Test Protocols

  • Motor Studies
  • Sensory Studies
  • Inching
  • F-Wave
  • H-Reflex
  • Mixed Studies
  • Repetitive Nerve Stimulation
  • Blink Reflex (Electric and Manual Stim)
    Silent Period
  • Triple Stimulation
  • LLR
  • Near-Nerve Studies
  • MUNE – MPS/Incremental
  • Collision Studies*

* Optional upgrades

Summit StimTroller

Simple and Reliable Hardware Interface

Summit Base Unit

Keep things simple with programmable, protocol-specific function keys and control dials that are built to last.

StimTroller Plus™

  • Control intensity, pulse width, distance, nerve selection, site selection, trace selection, and more from the palm of your hand
  • Adjust the angle and distance between probes, or remove them to attach electrodes, needles, or other stimulators
  • Reinforced housing and stainless steel mechanics

Scalable Hardware and Software

  • Build the system you need with a variety of stimulators, amplifiers, and test protocols
  • Our most advanced amplifiers offer 1 -12 channels of sophisticated filtering and noise reduction
  • Choose from a variety of carts, computers and monitors or provide your own
  • Configure a portable system that can be set up for testing in a matter of seconds
    Add integrated ultrasound

You choose what you need

Cart-based or mobile, 2 – 12 channels, solo unit to multihospital network, NCS to integrated ultrasound. Whatever you need, we can deliver.

Portable Summit with Carrying Case
EMG Fuzion Cart with 2 ch Summit
Cadwell EMG Cart with 12-ch Sierra Summit and integrated ultrasound

Sierra Software has a smart and flexible user interface that can fit your workflow and expand your capabilities

We’ve tried to create software that makes sense to any type of user, regardless of what system you learned on, and has all of the tools and features that you need.

See it how you want to

Custom views give you full control of displays, colors, tables and test protocols.

Hear it how you want to

Our highest sound quality is achieved with instantaneous signal processing, dual high quality speakers and full equalizer controls.

Use it how you want to

Customize your workflow with user-defined studies and tests that can be adjusted on the fly.

    CadLink supports remote live review

    CadLink Information Management allows encrypted, secure, and efficient access to clinical information across multiple computers when and where you need it.

    • Leave the exam room when the test is complete and finish your diagnosis and reporting in your office or from any computer connected with CadLink. 
    • Have an identical user experience from any computer with synchronized settings and role-based user management
    • Remotely view tests that are being acquired by a technician or resident
    • Easily access previous studies, including EEG and IONM cases, and compare with recent results

    CadLink helps deliver efficient workflow, quality data, and easy reporting. It stores patient records and reports, manages user access, and can support HL7 interfacing and automatic archiving. CadLink manages information between Arc EEG, Sierra EMG, and Cascade IONM. 

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    Sierra Summit is the ideal solution for Chemodenervation, EMG, EPs, NCS, Ultrasound, and Electrodiagnostics in Urology.

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