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Looking to upgrade or replace your sleep monitoring solutions for in-lab PSG and HSAT?

Discover how ApneaTrak HSAT, Easy III, and Easy III PSG software with optional EnsoSleep AI Scoring & Analysis could help simplify your workflow, gain more precise insights, and lead to increased reimbursement.

Cadwell Easy III amplifier and remote input box

Easy III for In-Lab PSG

  • Record crystal-clear signals by combining Easy® III hardware, Easy III PSG software, and Sleepmate™ diagnostic sensors
  • Protect your amplifier and simplify the connection of electrodes and sensors with Easy III’s remote input box, featuring color-coded inputs in a 10-20 pattern
  • Easily connect a variety of ancillary devices based on your needs, including in-lab titration devices, CO2 monitoring, and nocturnal pH monitoring
ApneaTrak HSAT devices

ApneaTrak for Home Sleep Apnea Testing

  • Help patients confidently complete HSAT testing with ApneaTrak®, a flow-based, multi-night HSAT solution
  • Access the data behind a diagnosis by reviewing respiratory waveforms
  • Reduce failed studies through pre-programmed device start times
  • Reduce study cost, time, and battery disposal impacts with a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Computer monitor running Easy III PSG software

Easy III PSG software for HSAT and PSG

A full suite of electrodes, supplies, and accessories

Shop the Cadwell E-Store for a full suite of sleep supplies and accessories to support your sleep studies, including Sleepmate™ diagnostic sensors, and new Alice 6-compatible sleep sensors and belts.