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New protocols include MUNIX+, Triple Stimulation, NMUS+ and new MEP configurations

The latest Sierra 4 software update for our platform includes several new features and enhancements to improve your overall user experience.

Some of the key updates:

  • Improved user interface: We have updated the design to make it more user-friendly with a cleaner, more organized feel, making it simpler to navigate and find the tools you need. New modern icons make it easier to show, hide, or insert sites in trace windows, rearrange traces, and adjust the spacing between traces. You can now customize standard, light, and dark color themes. New window docking functions (dock, tab, float, and pin) help you fit more windows into a view and save your workspace settings.
  • New integrations: Windows 11 OS is approved and verified. The CadLink 5.3.19 Client update included in this Sierra update includes an integrated CadChat application and support for regional servers. Users should first upgrade their CadLink Server to version 5.3.19 to take advantage of these features.
  • Faster workflow: We’ve improved the speed and efficiency of our platform. Edit Mode lets you efficiently and intuitively edit and create new tests and reference limits from within the exam screen. A “Notes” field was added to the patient information exam section, and you can filter studies based on Notes contents. A “New Trial” command was added as an option for the programmable StimTroller Plus™ buttons and the Footswitch.
  • Performance enhancements: We have fixed several issues reported by our users, improving the overall stability and reliability of our software.
  • New protocols: This version of Sierra software now offers MUNIX+, Triple Stimulation, NMUS+, and new MEP configurations.

These updates can greatly enhance your experience with our platform, and we encourage you to download and use the latest version. Thank you for choosing Sierra software, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

Download Sierra Software

USA customers can access the Sierra software install, installation instructions, and full release notes at:

Sierra 4 is not available in all markets. International customers can contact their distributors for the latest available Sierra software update.