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Kennewick, WA. Cadwell Industries, Inc., a global leader in neurodiagnostic and neuromonitoring solutions, announces the full launch of the highly anticipated Sierra NMUS1™ neuromuscular ultrasound device for electrodiagnostic medicine. This launch builds on the recent release of the upgraded Sierra® 4 software, a dynamic powerhouse for the Sierra Summit® device that integrates electromyography (EMG), nerve conduction studies (NCS), clinical evoked potentials (EP), and neuromuscular ultrasound (NMUS).

Sierra NMUS1 Ultrasound

The new Sierra NMUS1 offers high-resolution neuromuscular and musculoskeletal ultrasound, and needle guidance capabilities, with integrated controls and a streamlined user interface in the Sierra 4 software. Cadwell offers an L14-4 Linear Probe, an HL18-4 Linear Hockey Stick Probe, and a C-5-2 Curvilinear Probe for high-quality diagnostic imaging and needle visualization.

Sierra 4 Software

The intuitive and sophisticated Sierra 4 software efficiently combines electrodiagnostic testing with ultrasound imaging. Sierra 4 software is designed to reduce examination time, improve accuracy, and expand clinical capabilities. Sierra software offers industry-leading trace resolution, advanced artifact reduction, and an optimized user experience with personalized workflows, test setups, and display options. Sierra Summit is a flexible electrodiagnostic and imaging system designed for electromyographers who prioritize reliability and efficiency.

The NMUS+ protocol shares workflow elements from NCS+ and EMG+ to make ultrasound a familiar and efficient part of the electrodiagnostic examination. It is the first software designed specifically for neuromuscular ultrasound. NMUS+ also introduces Q-Mode™, a new research tool for ultrasonic diagnostics and tissue quantification.

With NMUS+ software, electromyographers can:

  • Compare results to normal or contralateral values
  • Automatically label results and images
  • Easily measure, annotate, and save images and cine
  • Utilize advanced speckle reduction, edge enhancement, and spatial compounding for image optimization
  • Efficiently generate reports that include both electrodiagnostic and imaging results

Cadwell is proactively advancing and promoting neuromuscular ultrasound. We strongly believe that fully integrating imaging and electrodiagnostic can enable more accurate and efficient diagnostics to improve patient outcomes.

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