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Sierra Summit EMG NCS EP NMUS

Sierra Software’s smart and flexible user interface can improve your workflow and expand your capabilities

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EMG Electromyography

See it how you want to

Custom views give you full control of displays, colors, tables, and test protocols. User-defined roles mean that you get your unique settings every time, even if one’s acquisition preferences are different than another’s review settings.


Total control over how it sounds

Audio is important in EMG, and we aced it. Our two HD-quality speakers are loud with instant signal processing. Use the Audio Equalizer to customize your audio so EMG activity sounds familiar.

Use it how you want to

Customize your workflow with user-defined studies and tests that can be adjusted on the fly.

Whether you’re comfortable with our EMG environment or new to Cadwell, our flexible software gives you the benefit of both classic Sierra protocols and advanced Sierra+ protocols. 


EMG Classic

EMG Classic Raster Display

EMG Classic - Raster Display


  • Live Single-MUP analysis and auto trigger
  • Live Multi-MUP analysis
  • Live recruitment ratio analysis
  • Live firing rate analysis
  • Live Interference pattern analysis
  • Live MUP stability analysis
  • Display results as tables or charts
  • Multiple export options and API access

NCV Classic

NCV Classic

NCV Classic Sensory with Trace History

NCV Classic Sensory w trace history


Cadwell puts great effort into reducing examination time and providing a simple user interface. Our latest SFEMG+ protocol gives you real-time jitter analysis with automatic triggering and peak detection. All live data is saved, so you can easily perform edits and refine the results at any time.

Flexible and Clear Results Tables

Display various parameters for clinical applications and research with advanced reference limits, comparisons, and on-the-fly editing.

Glowing and Hold Max

Previous responses fade into the background for easy comparison. Hold Max automatically selects the supramaximal response.

Improve Button | F1

Reduces shock artifact, flattens the baseline and improves accuracy.

Anatomy Navigator

Quickly filter the muscle list by clicking on an anatomical region or double-click to have commonly tested muscles from that region populate your muscle scoring table.

Anatomy Navigator

See the full story with Combination Tests and Strategies

Display multiple test types or even an entire strategy in the same display. Simultaneously display motor, sensory, F and H responses to reduce testing time, improve result analysis, and facilitate advanced test protocols.

Motor + Sensory

Motor + F Wave

CTS Strategy

Trace history and trials

See the entire stim history at once or one trace at a time. Save multiple trials per site.

Live and Post Hoc Averaging

Average or exclude traces post acquisition using either trace history option.

Visible Reference Limits

Show the reference limits on traces during cursor adjustment or review.

We understand that efficiently and effectively reviewing and communicating diagnostic results is a top priority

The Sierra Summit is designed with many timesaving and intuitive reporting features.

Quick Report

Complete your report while you are performing the examination with custom templates and selections accessible during patient entry, acquisition, and review. Create a personalized report with just a few mouse clicks.

Tab Data Summary View

See all test results and waveforms with the click of a button, and complete your report without switching screens. Adjust cursors, replay buffers, and edit the muscle scoring table.

Auto-Findings Composer

The Sierra software will transform your EMG scoring to sentences and compare your NCS and EP results with normative data, instantly summarizing your findings in paragraphs or bullet points. Personalized wording and language give you full control of how your results are communicated.

Custom Reports

Several professional report templates are included with the Sierra Summit, however you have full control to modify or create your own report templates. Ultrasound images and measurements can also be included.

Anatomy View

Anatomical images illustrating results can be included within the report to better communicate neurodiagnostic findings.

EMR integration and Data Management

Reports can be automatically sent to the patient’s EMR as embedded data or as an attachment when using CadLink with HL7. Reports can also be emailed, printed, or saved locally or to a remote server. Multiple formats are available including PDF, .DOCX, and .RTF.

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Sierra Summit is the ideal solution for Chemodenervation, EMG, EPs, NCS, Ultrasound, and Electrodiagnostics in Urology.

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