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Please note that effective June 30, 2021, Cadwell will cease supporting the Windows 7 OS for current Cadwell application software.

This decision enables Cadwell to continue providing you with Neurodiagnostic and Neuromonitoring solutions running on best-in-class software applications, and to help safeguard patient data.

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7 in January, 2020, and all Cadwell application software has been compatible with Windows 10 since January, 2018. Customers who choose to continue operating Cadwell application software on a Windows 7 system may be subject to security risks and viruses.

Effective July 1, 2021:

  • Cadwell application software, including Sierra, Easy III for Sleep/EEG, Arc for EEG, and Cascade Surgical Studio for IONM, will no longer be formally verified against Windows 7 OS.
  • The minimum PC specifications, needed to run any of the above applications, will require Windows 10 OS.
  • Where possible, applications will notify users, upon installation, if the PC does not meet minimum specifications. Currently Cascade Surgical Studio and Arc applications support this functionality.
  • Cadwell’s Applications Support and Service teams will provide only limited assistance if the application is installed on an unsupported OS and the reported issue is related to the unsupported OS. If the problem is OS or PC specification related, customers will be advised to upgrade their PC to meet the current minimum required specifications.

If you are still utilizing Cadwell systems in combination with Windows 7 computers, we look forward to helping make your upgrade to Windows 10 easy and efficient.

Please contact Application Support on 1-(800) 345-3001 or at, or for customers outside the USA please contact your authorized Cadwell distributor for upgrade assistance.