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We’re happy to congratulate our Cadwell engineers Wayne Dearing and Chris Rickard on their newly minted patent for Arc™ software’s ability to synchronize recorded video to brain activity:

Methods and systems for simultaneous review of brain activity and physical manifestations of users.

This allows clinicians to focus on an area of interest in the display of EEG traces, then effortlessly correlate images of physical manifestations of symptoms a patient might have experienced; Just hover the mouse and see the video. Other related features included in this patent (first submitted in 2014!) are:

  • creating highlighted areas of interest for efficiently reviewing of large data sets and
  • the display of a hyperventilation timer and pie chart which allows the clinician to focus on a patient’s well-being during a trying time.

The innovation that comes from our customers and our employees brainstorming together is yet another way Cadwell is helping you help others.

Patented EEG with synchronized video