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Several Anti-Virus programs (Sophos, Kaspersky, Cylance have been identified so far) have had recent updates that may remove portions of the Easy III program.

If impacted by the update, you may get a prompt that the program is attempting to reinstall when you attempt to open any of the Easy III icons. To resolve the issue, you will need to:

  1. Contact your IT department and make sure that the Easy III Anti-Virus exceptions are in place. In at least one instance, a customer reported that these exceptions were in place prior to the Anti-Virus program update but were removed after the update completed.
  2. Uninstall QuickMed and Easy III
  3. Reinstall Easy III

If you believe you are seeing this issue, you can verify by opening Services on the PC, look for the Easy III Office Server Service, Easy III Synchronization Service. If none of these services is present, and the application tries to reinstall when you attempt to open it, then it is likely you are affected by this issue.

We have reached out to the software companies who pushed these updates to determine why the most recent definition update had this effect and to file a complaint about the new definition.

Required Anti-Virus Exclusions and Install/Upgrade Instructions are included below:

Easy III Anti-Virus File Exclusions

The following files should be excluded from scans:

  • .ez3 (Easy III data file)
  • .qv2 (video file)
  • .qxp (Easy database file)
  • .mdh (archive history file)
  • .ezvideo (video file)
  • .ezvideoindex (video file)

Easy III Anti-Virus Directory Exclusions

The following folders and their sub folders should be excluded from scans:

  • C:\QMWorkstation
  • C:\Cadwell\Easy III
  • C:\QMOffice (this is only on the office server utility)

Installing Easy III

Locate the Easy III installation file. You can install the software from a local folder or from a shared folder on your network that contains a copy of the installation disc.

  1. Browse to the installation file.
  2. Double-click on EasyIIIsetup.exe.
  3. After clicking on the “EasyIIISetup.exe”, a prompt may appear stating that Easy III removes support for the Easy 2 Amplifier and Windows XP / Windows 2003 operating system, select OK to continue with the installation.
  4. Click on the “Install”
  5. The next screen will allow you to install features to Easy III. These include Easy III Scheduler, Clinical Database, Q-Video Mobile, and ApneaTrak Scheduler. The Cadwell Scheduler is a powerful tool that will allow Easy III users to schedule and manage appointments. Clinical Database: The Easy III system can be configured with a Clinical Database. The database will allow the user to create multiple reports that summarize clinical and administrative information. Q-Video Mobile: This is a video camera used with the Easy III Ambulatory device. This feature should only be installed on systems that will initialize or download Ambulatory recordings. ApneaTrak: This feature should only be installed on systems that will initialize or download ApneaTrak recordings.
  6. The installation of the software will now continue. The remaining components of the Easy III software will be installed. When the installation is complete, the following dialog will be displayed. Click on “Finish” to complete the installation.
  7. After the installation is complete you will be prompted to restart the computer. Select “Yes” to restart.

Congratulations, the Easy III software has been installed. You can repeat these same steps on any additional Easy III computers.