Easy III remote acquisition ambulatory

Product availability may vary in different countries. Please contact Cadwell for additional information.

Easy Ambulatory EEG system is highly portable, provides great patient comfort and collects accurate, reliable EEG data which is indistinguishable from data collected in a clinic or long term monitoring unit.

Q-Video® Mobile 2 synchronizes video recordings with EEG data and allows critical video recording in any monitoring environment: the home, the laboratory or the physician’s office. This data provides a clearer picture to the clinician about the events that occur during the study. The Q-Video Mobile 2 has built-in infrared lights to allow automatic recording of video at night.

EasyNet® modules monitor oximetry, nasal pressure airflow, body position and limb movement. The EEG amplifier is completely self-contained, with all active components inside the amplifier case.

Cadwell Ambulatory products use the same software and laboratory information management system as other Easy systems and data are downloaded to an Easy work station for analysis using a standard network connection.