Tailor your Cadwell system with EMG, nerve conduction, evoked potentials, EEG, ultrasound, IONM and PSG

Scalable Hardware and Software

  • Build the system you need with a variety of stimulators, amplifiers, and test protocols.
  • Our most advanced amplifiers offer 1 -12 channels of sophisticated filtering and noise reduction
  • Choose from a variety of carts, computers and monitors or provide your own
  • Configure a portable Summit™ system that can be set up for testing in a matter of seconds

Flexible and Familiar Design

  • See it how you want to: Custom views give you full control of displays, colors, tables and test protocols
  • Hear it how you want to: Our highest sound quality is achieved with instantaneous signal processing, dual high-quality speakers and full equalizer controls
  • Use it how you want to: Customize your  workflow with user-defined studies and tests that can be adjusted on the fly

Innovative Interface

StimTroller Plus for NCS

  • Perform an entire NCS from the palm of your hand
  • Control intensity, pulse width, distance, nerve selection, site selection, trace selection and more

StimTroller Plus for EMG

  • Control gain, sweep, run/stop, playback and volume controls exactly where you need them – right next to your needle.

Precise and responsive controls

  • Simplified interface with programmable protocol-specific function keys and knobs


  • AEP Protocols: BAER, MLR, VEMP, ECochG, ERG, P300
  • Headphones, Inserts, Bone Transducer
  • Condensation, Rarefaction, Alternating
  • Click, Tones, PIP 202, PIP 212
  • WAV, Trigger-In, Trigger-Out


  • VEP Protocols: Pattern VEP, Flash VEP, ERG, EOG, Trigger-In, Trigger-Out
  • Selectable Fields, Check Sizes and Targets
  • Get accurate results with any external LCD monitor with the Calibration Sensor


  • SEP Protocols: SEP, Dermatomal SEP, Interleave SEP, Trigger-In, Trigger-Out
  • Custom Trace Labels
  • Advanced Stim Modes

The Sierra Summit evoked potential system is:


  • Customize existing or create new protocols
  • Simultaneously display live, averaged and grand average data
  • Easily adjust parameters and positions of individual traces or entire trials
  • Customize the calculations of Latency, Amplitude, Interlatency, Interamplitude, percentages, ratios and side-by-side comparisons
  • Incrementally smooth or unsmooth data live or post-acquisition


  • Select the channels and tests you need and easily add more later
  • Software-controlled montages and inputs can be changed on the fly
  • Control settings and parameters directly from the test screen
  • Compare side-by-side with vertical or horizontal split screen
  • Use the Remote Headbox for tight spaces and better patient mobility


  • Fully customize Auto Cursors and highlight abnormal values
  • Use Tabular Data Summary View to see all test results on one screen
  • Use Auto Findings Composer to generate a summary of findings based on normative data
  • Create a personalized report with just a few clicks using QuickReport and custom templates