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Detect, confirm, and monitor problems with nervous system function with Sierra Summit Evoked Potentials

Sierra Summit offers a full suite of evoked potential tests, customizable to fit the specific needs of every patient in your practice.

  • Complement your other tests, including EMG and MRI scans.
  • Help diagnose and monitor multiple sclerosis and other nerve diseases
  • Assess hearing, sight, and brain activity
  • Detect lesions or tumors
  • Identify nerve damage

Flexible Evoked Potentials

  • Multi-Modality: Add EEG, Ultrasound, and IONM to the same cart
  • Scale from 1 to 12 channels and easily add or re-montage channels during acquisition
  • Personalize your workspace by adjusting views for side-by-side comparisons with a vertical or horizontal split screen
  • Stimulator Options: Select from a variety of visual, auditory, and electrical stimulators, and use trigger inputs to connect to other devices

Efficient Evoked Potentials

  • Intuitive controls: Test specific buttons and knobs for acquiring and analyzing data
  • Auto Cursors: Auto places cursors on any trial with the click of a button
  • Custom Protocols: Preset protocols reduce testing time and ensure consistency
  • Custom Reports: Create unique report templates for protocols
  • Auto-Findings: Automatically generate findings paragraphs based on reference values

Smart Evoked Potentials

  • Advanced post processing: Compare, combine, average, grand average, smooth, and invert trials
  • Custom cursors and calculations: Latency, amplitude, inter-latency, inter-amplitude, percentages, ratios, and side-by-side comparisons
  • Live Test Edit: Easily adjust parameters, protocols and channel count during acquisition

Remote Head Box

Use this inexpensive break-out box for tight spaces, electrode stability, and better patient mobility.

Choose the Evoked Potential test protocols you need

Somatosensory (SSEP)

SEP Protocols: SEP, Dermatomal SEP, Interleave SEP, Trigger-In and Trigger-OutOne-click display change

  • Advanced post processing: Compare, add, average, grand average, smooth and invert trials
  • Advanced stim and acquisition modes

Visual (VEP)

VEP Protocols: Pattern VEP, Flash, ERG, Goggle, Trigger-In and Trigger-Out

  • Selectable Fields, Check Sizes, and Targets
  • Use any LCD monitor with Summit’s Calibration Sensor

Auditory (AEP)

AEP Protocols: AEP, MLR, VEMP, ECochG, P300 with Headphone, Bone Transducer and Insert Earphones

  • Condensation, Rarefaction, and Alternating
  • Click, Tones, PIP 202 and PIP 212
  • WAV, Trigger-In and Trigger-Out
Radiohead headphones for Summit AEP

Improve your workflow with CadLink Information Management

  • Multiple EMR interface options include auto PDF export, HL7 ADT and ORM orders inbound and results outbound
  • Fail-safe storage and Auto Archiving
  • User management with user-specific system setup, user roles and single log-in with Active Directory integration

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Sierra Summit is the ideal solution for Chemodenervation, EMG, EPs, NCS, Ultrasound, and Electrodiagnostics in Urology.

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