EMG & Ultrasound

Complement electrodiagnostic testing and improve your diagnoses and treatment decisions with EMG/NCS and integrated ultrasound

    The Comprehensive Approach: Clinical + Neurophysiologic + Imaging

    Use combined techniques to strengthen findings, validate diagnoses, and improve treatment decisions

    EMG/NCS with ultrasound is a powerful and comprehensive tool for treatment planning. It can meaningfully contribute to the clinical approach taken with patients with peripheral neuropathies, modifying the diagnostic and therapeutic paths, including preventing unnecessary intervention, guiding appropriate intervention, and improving overall patient outcomes. Studies show that ultrasound should be used in any patient in whom nerve damage is suspected. Ultrasound provides crucial anatomical information for planning therapies and surgeries. 

      Clinical indications for EMG/NCS with ultrasound include:

      • Carpal tunnel syndrome
      • Muscular dystrophy
      • Intraneural ganglion cysts
      • Peripheral nerve entrapments and tumors
      • Neuropathies
      • Nerve transections and lesions
      • Neuromas
      • Inflammatory myopathies
      • Neurogenic muscle atrophies
      • Nerve and muscle trauma

      EMG/NCS with Ultrasound provides real-time visualization

      • Dynamic visualization 
      • Ability to see moving tissue
      • Ability to see vascular flow with Doppler imaging
      • Protect target and surrounding soft tissue structures in diagnostic and therapeutic needle guidance procedures
      • Enhance safety and accuracy in needle procedures

      Ultrasound is a safe, portable, and low-cost diagnostic imaging technique

      • No ionizing radiation
      • Can be used with metallic implants
      • No claustrophobia, as with other imaging modalities
      • No restrictions or known adverse effects
      • Instant feedback of results

      Cadwell is dedicated to proactively contributing toward the advancement and promotion of Neuromuscular and Diagnostic Ultrasound. We believe that by providing a fully integrated EMG/NMUS diagnostic solution, and by driving the development of dedicated NMUS-focused features, we will be able to help you help others even more efficiently in the future.