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Sierra Summit EMG NCS EP NMUS for EDX electrodiagnostics

Sierra Summit is designed for the electromyographer who prioritizes reliability and efficiency for their EMG, NCS, EP, and Ultrasound needs

Cadwell offers cutting-edge neurodiagnostics with forward-thinking hardware and innovative software

The Sierra Summit is the brainchild of 40 years of research and development at Cadwell. We have responded to feature requests, new electrodiagnostic (EDX) technology, and broader learning to bring you one of our most dynamic pieces of neurophysiology diagnostic equipment. In 2018, Cadwell became the first EMG company to offer fully integrated ultrasound.

Today, Cadwell is working in tandem with some of the world’s leading  EDX physicians and teaching hospitals. We’re leading the charge in neurodiagnostic technology capabilities in EMGnerve conductionevoked potentialsultrasound, and chemodenervation. The Sierra Summit is a powerful tool for all of your neurodiagnostic monitoring.

Cadwell uses the highest quality components to deliver durable and reliable neurodiagnostics

  • Test fixtures and electrode tester for instant hardware diagnostics
  • Machined aluminum knobs and raised buttons rated for 100k+ uses
  • Electrode connectors rated for 100k+ connections
  • Industrial cables with locking aluminum connectors

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    Fuzion EMG cart with 2-ch Summit amplifier and ultrasound
    Cadwell EMG Cart with Sierra Summit, NMUS1 and 12-channel amplifier and stim

    Build the system you need with a variety of amplifiers, accessories, carts, and test protocols

    • Our most advanced amplifiers offer 1 to 12 channels of sophisticated filtering and noise reduction
    • Choose from a variety of carts, computers and monitors, or provide your own
    • Protocol licensing allows you to select only the EDX protocols that you need
    Portable Summit with Carrying Case

    Sierra Summit offers a simple EDX user interface

    The Summit Base Unit keeps things simple with programmable, protocol-specific function keys and control dials that are built to last.


    See it how you want to

    Custom views give you full control of displays, colors, tables, and test protocols.

    Hear it how you want to

    Our highest sound quality is achieved with instantaneous signal processing, dual high-quality speakers, and full equalizer controls.


    Use it how you want to

    Customize your workflow with user-defined studies and tests that can be adjusted on the fly.

    Stimtroller handheld

    Perform an entire EMG or NCS from the palm of your hand with the StimTroller Plus™

    Control intensity, pulse width, distance, nerve selection, site selection, trace  selection, polarity, and more with the StimTroller Plus. Adjust the angle and distance between probes or remove them to attach  electrodes, needles or other stimulators. Engineered with reinforced housing and stainless steel mechanics, the StimTroller Plus will help you deliver efficient EDX testing experiences.

    Sierra Summit NCS+ Nerve Conduction Study
    clinical ultrasound and emg

    Cadwell is dedicated to proactively contributing toward the advancement and promotion of Neuromuscular and Diagnostic Ultrasound

    We believe that by providing a fully integrated EDX/US diagnostic solution, and by driving the development of dedicated ultrasound-focused features, we will be able to help you help others even more efficiently in the future.

    An emerging diagnostic subspecialty, ultrasound is recognized as a complementary practice for neurodiagnostic testing in neurology and physical medicine and rehabilitation. High resolution US can study peripheral nerves, sensitively observe muscle disease, guide local anesthetic administration for nerve blocks, and enhance nerve localization. Ultrasound improves safety margins for injection needle procedures, EMG needle placement, and direct needle stimulation of deep nerves.

    Detect, confirm, and monitor problems with nervous system function with Sierra Summit Evoked Potentials

    Both Summit amplifiers can be configured for flexible, efficient, and smart somatosensory (SSEP), visual (VEP) and auditory (AEP) evoked potential studies. A variety of stimulators are available, as well as trigger inputs to connect to peripheral devices. Protocol-specific evoked potential functions on the Summit Base Unit are integrated into the software for ease of use.


    Evoked Potentials

    Improve your workflow with CadLink Information Management

    • Multiple EMR interface options include auto PDF export, HL7 ADT and ORM orders inbound and results outbound
    • Fail-safe storage and Auto Archiving
    • User management with user-specific system setup, user roles and single log-in with Active Directory integration

    Learn more about CadLink.

    Summit multi modality with EEG

    Multi-Modality: Complete neurodiagnostic solutions

    EEG, EMG, NCS, EP and US

    Cadwell EDX solutions are engineered to work on a single cart or as separate systems connected with CadLink® data management. Cadwell is dedicated to engineering smart and affordable neurodiagnostic technology. Learn more about CadLink.

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    Sierra Summit is the ideal solution for Chemodenervation, EMG, EPs, NCS, Ultrasound, and Electrodiagnostics in Urology.

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