Disposable EEG Cup Electrodes and Single-Use Conductive Paste

Use Cadwell Disposable EEG+ Cup Electrode Packs and Ten20 Single-Use Cups to reduce the clinical and financial implications of healthcare associated infections.

Disposable EEG cup+ electrodes from Cadwell come in 12", 28" and 60" lengths. Packs of 25 cover most patient encounters.
  • 12-inch, 48-inch, and 60-inch lead lengths
  • Larger 10mm silver/silver chloride EEG+ cups hold more conductive gel, provide quality signals, and improve impedances
  • Open just one 25-lead pack per patient setup
  • Each pack includes two (2) each of blue, yellow, purple, orange, green, brown, and grey; three (3) each of black and red; and five (5) white disposable electrodes
Ten20 Single Use Cup

Each box contains 24 individual 15-gram single-use cups. FDA cleared. Product availability may vary by country and market.

Free Download White Paper: A case for single-use, disposable EEG cup electrodes.


Download our White Paper to see research-based clinical and financial information on why you might want to switch from reusable gold cup EEG electrodes to disposable EEG cups.