Free support for Cascade Classic software for USA customers ends 12-31-2021.
What does this mean for you?

1. After December 31, 2021:

    • Classic IONM software will no longer be available for download or license transfer for USA customers
    • Free Application Support for Classic will no longer be available in the USA
    • Support will be charged at $500/call with the hourly support rate of $350 per hour after the first call in the USA
    • International Distributors may continue to support their Cascade Classic IONM customers

    2. Application Support for Cascade Classic will cease on March 31, 2022

    3. You must upgrade to Cascade Surgical Studio (CSS) software in 2021 to avoid a lapse in service and support

Please note:

  • You can install CSS on the same computer as Classic
  • You can convert Classic procedure templates into CSS
  • CSS is compatible with the entire Cascade product line: IOMAX, PRO, Elite, and Cascade 16. If you have a varied Cadwell IONM fleet of hardware, you can operate the entire fleet on a single software solution.

Don’t use Cascade IONM yet?

What’s next?

It’s time for you to upgrade to Cascade Surgical Studio. With proven success over five years, CSS carries forward the great features you know and love in Classic, and adds improved workflow and state-of-the-art new features.

How to download CSS software

Non-USA customers should contact their local distributor for information and assistance. Product availability and obsolescence may vary by country and markets.

  1. Log into
  2. Under the Downloads menu, click IONM Downloads
  3. Confirm that your computer meets the minimum system requirements. (In your Windows menu search bar, type 64-BIT to open your System Settings and read down to “System Type” to confirm your PC specs are 64-BIT. Then close this window.)
  4. Back on the IONM Downloads page, click the “Download Cascade Surgical Studio 3.5 SP1 Software” button. The installer zip file will download.
  5. Click the downloaded file to open the zip file, and then click Extract All. Choose the file destination, and click OK.
  6. Double-click Cascade Surgical Studio 3.5.1520 Setup. (If a Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevents the app from starting, click More Info and then click Run anyway.)
  7. Review the Software License Agreement, and then click Accept and Install.
  8. In the User Account Control window, click Yes.
  9. When the install completes, you will have the option to access Release Notes and Click the Close button when you’re done here.
  10. The CSS shortcut will populate your desktop. Double-click on the dark blue icon called Cascade Surgical Studio.

How to activate CSS software

You’ll need your license ID to activate your purchased features, or you can activate a full 60-day trial to see what’s new in CSS.  Your License ID can be found on the original software installation CD, or you can get it from Cadwell Support by calling 1-800-245-3001.

If you have no licensable features, we recommend you download the 60 Day Trial so you can experience the full suite of features in CSS.

  1. To activate a free 60-day trial of all features, click the Enter Trial Mode button)
    To activate your purchased features, click Activate the Software.
  2. If your PC is connected to the internet, click Activate Online. Enter your License ID, enter a description of the computer, and then click Continue. CSS software will unlock with your previously purchased features. OR
    If your PC does not have internet connection, click Activate by Phone. Enter your License ID and then click Continue. Follow the prompts to unlock your licensable features.

We are here to support you, and we offer these resources to assist you during this transition


Upgrade Video Tutorials

Access free upgrade videos here once you’ve logged into the Support Site, or navigate to the Education > IONM menu. The video topics are:

  1. Top Five New Features in CSS
  2. Adding Modes and Assigning Channels
  3. Navigating the Basics in CSS
  4. Generating a Report
  5. Automatic Threshold Mode

1:1 Remote Assistance

You may schedule time with our expert-level Applications Support Team for an in-depth review of Surgical Studio, including:

  • Customer specific virtual training session
  • Customized training proficiency checklist, curriculum provided upon request
  • Sessions will be recorded and provided to the customer upon request
  • Sessions are scheduled for two hours and are priced at $450 per session
  • Customers upgrading systems covered by CadCare Contracts will be eligible to receive the first session at no charge

Live Case Support

​​​You may request screen share connection to a member of the Cadwell Applications Support team during your surgical case who will be available via chat to provide immediate support while using Surgical Studio.

  • Available by appointment Tuesdays and Thursdays 6am-8pm ET
  • Priced at $550 per case, up to eight hours

Cascade Surgical Studio



CSS is clinically focused and intuitive by design

The advanced functionality of Cascade Surgical Studio promotes faster development of modern solutions for the rapidly evolving IONM field. Powerful features allow you to capture critical information, achieve comprehensive in-depth data analysis, and provide clinical excellence that supports real-time decisions and better patient outcomes.


CSS helps you:

  • Utilize advanced record authentication and password protection
  • Share and manage data resources across organization
  • Experience uninterrupted data acquisition workflow
  • Expand your personalization and customization options
  • Use intelligent modes, including Automatic Threshold, EEG and EMG look back, and CadX Simulator for learning and practicing IONM outside of the OR

Watch this video to see the new features of Cascade Surgical Studio

Cascade Classic v. Cascade Surgical Studio

An IONM Software Feature Comparison





Customized user permissions and user groups
Anonymized report extract
Automatically remove data from local system via CadLink
Track case involvement and user login

Streamlined Workflow

Customized record fields for case and patient demographics
Administrator controlled standardized procedure setups
Personalized display settings for recorders and reviewers
Uninterrupted data acquisition when switching users
Uninterrupted data acquisition when changing settings
Group chat with all connected users
Shortcuts to mode and window setup
Hardware centric procedure setup

Clinical Excellence

All modalities on same screen
Share inputs across modes with different channel settings
Granular data extraction in EDF format
Granular data extraction in JSON format
EEG & EMG look back
Automatic Threshold with graphical interface
Customized Dual View
Integrated bovie detection
Create cursor alerts for latency and amplitude
CADX Simulator for clinical development and training


Customized Word-based report templates
Automatically document remote reviewer connection
Choose whether to save the chat log or include screen capture
CADX training progress reports
Network connection status indicator
Prioritize and search event log entries


Schedule your Cascade Surgical Studio Demonstration 

Product availability may vary between different countries and markets. Please contact Cadwell for additional information.

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